Rugby 2016/17


Pretty poor draw really . No guarantees there


Glasgow games could be interesting though. Glasgow away in Pro12 tends to be early in the season, and a game Leinster aren’t expecting to win so send a weaker side. Champions Cup will see them put out strongest side for both.
Montpellier depends on when Leinster get them, and whether they’re still ‘in’ the competition or not. Really don’t know what to make of Exeter.


Crusaders V Lions link


Crusaders 3 Lions 12


sounds like a dour enough match.


Good effort, no tries but controlled the game. Crusaders guilty of over-confidence after seeing Blues win against a disjointed Lions. Murray and POM outstanding within the grinding structure but they can always be relied on. Possibility of both Farrell and Sexton playing mooted but I can’t see it, Murray and Farrell for the first test


Disappointing defeat for the Lions. So many players are badly off form. Highlanders good but the disipline and penalty count way too high , handling very poor too.


I’m quite enjoying these Lions losses, I have to admit


[quote=“DubSteip, post:1831, topic:271, full:true”]
I’m quite enjoying these Lions losses, I have to admit
[/quote]Why so?

I used to enjoy the Lions tours of the late 90s/early 00s but they do nothing for me now.


They’re antiquated.
Plus, the only link that enables Irish players to play for the Lions is that Ireland was once part of “The Home Nations” - the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland. Just a personal opinion.
I hope they get black-washed by NZ.


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a large meh from the tayto household. mind you herself has never watched a full game of rugby.


No wonder with you flashing yer spudly pecs about the place!


If it was on in the back garden I’d pull the curtains. Then I’d ring the Guards - 30 big heavy blokes would wreck your lawn …


Considering I strongly dislike the english (and kinda the welsh) it’s hard to get behind a team consisting mainly of them, and of course I wouldn’t feel that anything with “british” in it’s name would represent me.
Also people (media, commentary, ex-players and even current players) have a tendency to drop the Irish part and just say “The British Lions”, which really grinds my gears.

All that I would care about is Irish lads making the team/scoring the tries, and not getting injuries. I wish them luck, but would be happy enough with them losing 3-0 (especially since Ireland beat NZ last November)
I wonder if I’d feel different if it was the Celtic and English Lions…


The “Irish” tag was only joined on in recent years, was it a sop after professionalism and our golden age team?

Anyway, this is what they really think


Interesting graphic there.

Are all 11 Irish players from the north or do they just not give a shit?


Second one …


Should be UK Lions according to that :wink:


To be fair some players intern was probably given 20 minutes to make that graphic


The Brexit Lions.