Rugby 2016/17


Pro13? They’ll never fit in two more games a season … will they?


I’d say to replace either an Italian franchise or the Newport/Gwent Dragons.


interesting idea - are the cheetahs not super rugby franchise?


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interesting idea - are the cheetahs not super rugby franchise?
[/quote]You obviously haven’t read the article so :grin:


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life is too short … go on tell me … :slight_smile:


Just what the Pro 12 needs before each game, that cheerleading lark will never catch on here … :joy:


Yeh, loada rubbish…


The All-Whites?


Actually years ago, back in the Celtic League days (I think) in Donnybrook, Leinster had some awful cheerleaders “The Guinness Girls” that came on and danced at half time. Probably only lasted the one season.

@Tayto 2 teams will be cut from the Super Rugby championship next year. Cheetahs expected to be one of them.


ah i see, could be a good move so?


Now if we could get the Dutch ladies hockey team…


Remember the ladies hockey club in Dublin called Maids of the Mountain. They were known to their detractors as the Hoors of the Hills.


I frequently remind my wife that her secondary school, Loreto Dalkey, was christened “Whores on the Shore” by Ross O’Carroll Kelly


Anybody going to follow The Liiiiioooooooons? Kiwis are saying the loss of Vunipola gives them no chance but Franks is out for the ABs, so…





Very lacklustre, not surprisingly. Good contest though. Wazza giving JS the kiss of death afterwards, defending his performance but not really. Press loving Farrell for a test start.


Farrell will start as Sexton was shocking


Sexton’s in shite form.


He’s finished