Rugby 2016/17


€82,000 plus expenses.


The top players in the Pro12 (who are actually Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Italian internationals) are used far more sparingly in their domestic league games than their counterparts in the Aviva Premiership or French Top14. This means that the top Pro12 teams can, on average, have their top players in prime condition for European Club games. I know there will always be exceptions to these rules.


That’s what Court got? Or that’s what a touring player gets overall?
If it’s the former, it’s outrageously high. If it’s the latter, it’s surprisingly low. I’ll assume it’s the former.


I think it’s the above figure if you last the full tour with 10K extra if they win. I don’t think you get that much if you miss some of the tour and you don’t get any more if you play Test matches

It’s a high figure given that IRFU pay you at the same time. So yea, i’d imagine Garry Ringrose has his phone on highest volume hoping for a call up


I watch a lot of the GP and in my opinion it’s a much better league then the Pro12. The Top 14 mixes the excellent with some real shite
The Pro 12 needs the Welsh franchises to consistently compete . Edinburgh as well are complete manure and the Italians thankfully now have to get their arse into gear as the new qualification process removes their ridiculous safety net


One of the itallian team being folded this summer and replaced with a new franchise?


From Italy?
I’d have thought a team from somewhere like San Sebastian would do better than the Italian teams, especially if they could entice some players from the Biarritz/Bayonne region.


another italian team, i think rome based this time.


AS Roma and Lazio find it hard to pull in crowds to Seria A games, I can’t see a Rome-based Pro12 team thriving financially.


Munster getting a right tanking. Embarrassing


At least Munster and Leinster face off tonight after everyone got ahead of themselves last weekend…


Getting wogered.


Missed the first half, second half is jaysus brutal


Liam Toland wrote the following in the cheerleader Times this week (after the Utd win) -

"Munster men and Manchester men are much alike. I recall the great Anthony Foley comparing his Munster team of the noughties, the one he captained, to that of Roy Keane’s in Manchester.

Both in red and both dominating their foes in equally ruthless fashion. Both have suffered hugely this season and both will win trophies in the same week."

Now most of us wear blue specs in here but the lack of reality in rugby (and soccer too), from pundits and journalists is mind blowing. Were they even watching the semis? I hope Joe was because it’s very clear that some guys in the Irish panel are nearer AIL than RWC.


Your boys were stuffed Liam. Sorry about yiz. Was it b cause the scarlets were wearing red? Or all those terrible kicks & unforced knock ons?


Great win for Exeter in the English final. Gareth Steenson held his nerve to kick some cruvial points including the only score in extra time.
Jimmy Gopperth was excellent for Wasps. New English recruit gave away a silly, kickable penalty with less then two minutes remaining in normal time, enabling Steenson to equalise and force Extra Time.


Ha ha Munster. Love to see the hypesters get one in the gut. Incredible how it’s turned around from 10 years ago, too many people got too full of themselves and haven’t learned.


oh dear



Hey - that’s cheetahing!!