Rugby 2016/17


Rugby is the ultimate band wagon sport in Ireland . Fickle


this is bandwagon country


Johnny is finished I fear, too many injuries over the years. Great player


Saracens beaten by Exeter in the aviva semi final, try with the last play of the game


Connacht lost to Northampton by 6 in the Challenge cup semi


Outstanding try from Munster!


I think last week’s game caught up on Saracens. The winning try came off a lineout/rolling maul. The penalty kick to touch that set up the lineout was from inside Exeter’s own half, gained about 50 metres, pinpoint into the corner.


Three years ago.

The Pro12 still provided 3 of the 8 quarter-finalists and 2 of the 4 semi-finalists in the Champions Cup. Yes there are some shit teams in the Pro12, but there are also poor teams in the Aviva Prem and Top14.

By the way, actually half of the teams in the Pro12 come from the bottom two ranked 6N countries - Wales and Italy.
Scotland are currently ranked 5th in the world, above France and Wales.


probably did alright. Great win for exeter.


Good win for Munster as well, they should take care of scarlets in the final.


Watched the 2nd half. It was a very poor standard.


No Italian sides on the Champions Cup next season, I believe? The rule guaranteeing one team each from Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Italy has been dropped, I think. About time, too.


Damn right, silly rule, the name champions cup is a bit of a joke when 7th placed team qualifies.


Like the 6th placed Premier team possibly in the Champions Cup …


you wont find me defending hypeball.


The pro 12 is a very average standard in my opinion . When the internationals are absent it’s awful


not surprising, you’re taking 4 national teams out of a league of 12, so the teams are literally gutted without their internationals. Especially the top teams (obviously).


jaysus, they get into that as well if they win the Europa League? They’ll be weak enough in the Champs Lge without taking on the rugby as well? And Jose thought the fixture pile up was bad this season…


I see Billy Vunipola is out of the Lions’ Tour. Hard luck on him. I wonder how much a player like him could gain (financially) from going on such a tour?


But do you watch enough Aviva Prem or Top14 matches to judge their standard? Fact is that the Pro12 teams (with the exception of Italians) did well against English and French opposition in Europe

Quite a lot I’d say. I remember hearing 4 years ago that Tom Court got 50K for joining up with the Lions during the tour (he happened to be holidaying nearby and they needed a prop emergency cover. Think he only played in 1 midweek game).