Rugby 2016/17


Woeful. Nacewa conversion attempt summed it up. Complacency is a terribly thing - Scarlets want it more. Leinster supporters a real let down … must be choking on the prawns …


Weirdly Scarlett’s have kicked on from last year much better than Connacht


Kick in the gonads for the goys. I’m 100% certain it was all Paddy Jackson’s fault.


By all accounts sexton was woeful last night. Didn’t realize scarlets were a man down for the whole second half. Great win for them based on that.


Can’t stand Welsh teams. Even when they’re playing each other I hope they both lose …

Johnny and the rest were so bad it was like watching Athlone Town …


what did the big bad welshies do to you?


Nothing really … I’m just a bit fickle like that …


Owen Farrell at 10 for the Lions after that anyway. Leinster simply aren’t as good as people think they are .


They lost at home for the first time in over 2 years in the Pro 12 and are the best team in it. They just had a shocker last night. Happens all teams from time to time. Bit OTT to be writing players and teams off on the back of one uncharacteristically poor performance.


When did they win a trophy last ? 4 years ago now.
I’m not writing anyone off in fairness they are an above average side when compared to the Saracens, Crusaders etc teams of the world.

The Pro 12 is a competition where one third of the teams come from the bottom two ranked 6 Nations countries. Scotland and Italy. It’s not high quality.


Saracens just won 2 Champions Cups in a row - of course they are better than everyone else. Leinster ran Clermont very close in France in the semi - Clermont gave Sarries a tough battle. I suppose it’s down to your interpretation of how good or average Leinster are. I think they’re as good as I think they are and no better.


I’m just making the point the talk was this Leinster team was as good as the team 5 years ago. And it’s not remotely in the same class.


Never saw that said anywhere myself - wouldn’t have it anywhere near either. But a good side nonetheless.


Lancaster take some of the blame? People we quick to credit him when things were going well?


Incidentally B, I think that ordinary Munster team is far more overrated than Leinster. That said they could win the damn thing …


I honestly think they need to make a decision n who is in charge. It was the same in Ulster this season.


Whats the story with the attendance? 15,861 in the RDS capacity of 18,500 so well short of a full house for a semi-final … people expecting an easy home win or just dont care?


Waiting for the final … Kerry style …


That loing drive from d4 to the RDS is a bugger alright :joy:


From the holiday home in West Cork … :grin: