Rugby 2016/17


Yeah. Better off having it in the murder/rape centre of the world…


Is it not more likely we’ll have Tonga than Samoa?


Kiwis heading into a downcurve


With beaudan barritt ?


Think they are overrated currently, peaked, several all-time greats gone since last WC, let’s see


From the Telegraph

Eddie Jones warns England over Japan conditions: ‘I know how difficult this place can be’

“I know how difficult this place can be,” said Jones. “If you get things right it can be a real joy and my challenge is to get our staff to believe that. They will get incredibly frustrated at times because people say yes to you when they mean no. That’s the reality. No one says no to you, it’s always yes. But when they say yes three times, yet nothing happens, then that means it’s a no. That frustration can build up and what we need to make sure is that we create an environment where the players are comfortable with that situation.

Who’d be a TMO ??? Try yes or No …


New Zealand are never down.


They’re worse than chumba wumba for the ol’lying down


It’s all relative as they say in Moate. By their lofty standards they are in decline. This won’t, btw, be enough to prevent Gatty’s heros from getting a beating.


Decline :joy::joy:


That fucker Ashton at it again. Can’t wait for the day that he does it but ends up dropping it in a crucial match that fucks things up for Saracens or England


W :anchor:






Last ever game for sarries. Gone to Toulon and will never play for England again


hasn’t played for england for a while, showboater but a great finisher to be fair.


We’re talking about Ashton here … fair doesn’t come into it …


The hand off on Farrell for Clermont’s 2nd try was unreal.


You all just don’t understand him, he seems v popular:


oh dear Leinster