Rugby 2016/17


yea, piece of piss. I’d say Conor O’shea is effing and blinding this mroning.


Jeeze - never knew he had Tourette’s …


England get a baxtid of a group again.


Great to hear we are going to win the World Cup again.


Bundee Aki is renewing his NZ passport, I reckon.

I think England will be way too good for both France and the Argies. It’s hard to know where SA will be at in 30 months time.
If it’s C v D in the quarters, I can see the Argies putting it up to either Wales or Australia.
Semi-finalists to be NZ, SA, England and Australia.


The only thing about being in our group is that there will likely be no easy QF


People were saying similar about England last time especially given that they were at home. French and Argies always manage to peak in time for WC’s


Eddie Jones makes a huge difference .


Dub09 has called the England situation right.
France hardly peaked in 2015. Failed as top seed to win their group. Hammered by NZ in the QF. Not showing much signs of improvement since then.


Lets hope the home team’s ‘surprise’ win is against the Scots, not us. As good a chance as any to go further than our cricket and soccer teams have done in a world cup. Would expect SA to have gotten their sh*t together by then though.


SA are an odd team they either have a great WC or a Clusterfuck


if SA get yer man from Munster in they might recover a bit.


huge. One loss in 18 matches. (albeit they didn’t play NZ in that period).


Also less likely (hopefully) to pick up injuries in the group stage, giving us a better chance in the QF. That France game really messed our chances up.


That Argentina team will be ever better in 2019. Will be in their prime then going by 2 years ago.


Argentina are in the top end of the u20s bracket . Are in the super 15 and are bringing a lot of players home . They’ll be in fine shape in 2019. Draw from hell for England

Not convinced we will beat Scotland . We should but Sexton is two years older . Every other outhalf is 40 percent less talented in my view . Murray and him have to be fit
Also likely to have a full strength Samoa team to contend with which injury wise could be rough going

I certainly wouldn’t be convinced we would beat SA in a Workd Cup . Current coach will be sacked in the summer and they’ll be calling for Rassie.
All bets are off if he goes back which I believe he will


Scots could well turn us over. SA will beat NZ. England are an enigma and France could take them. Ha ha Wales


Injuries may play a big part for us. We have more strength in depth than previously, but the likes of Sexton and Murray will be targeted and in all honesty are hard to replace.


sA wouldn’t beat the NZ ladies team


Cheeky Springbok ■■■■.