Rugby 2016/17


Not many English clubs have 20+ international players to call on. Leinster do.


It’s ok to talk about English chequebooks but neverz our own ?


I just think the likes of Boudjellal has a bigger cheque book than we have!


If you’re a regular with Leinster or Munster, you’ve a decent chance of becoming a full international with Ireland at some stage. The same cannot be said about a first team regular at an Aviva Premirrship team due to the numbers available to England.


Just about … Did you see Jack McGrath’s effort at outing the ball out of play …
Hope Warren Gatland wasn’t watching :grin:


This is fucking mental


This is not soccer…




Dont think he’ll do that again (well he might get a bit of practice at it first…)


Wheels really have come off for Connacht.

See the IRB are voting on extending the residency rule from 3 to 5 years. Good move imho.


They’ll just start importing younger players


Be harder to sell it . At 15/16could a player genuinely say he has no chance of playing for his native country


Munster A (Munchins/CBC etc ) Schools are seeking to increase the number of A graded schools , so as to increase the number playing at that level and have more matches or competition at that level . Won’t matter a flying £uck to Cork Con but that would really hurt the smaller clubs as the schools will inevitably hold on to the players for the school year until all completions ended in March. Can’t see why the schools are not capable of running their competitions off in one term , at least then the clubs get their players back and increase the chances of holding on to those players . There’s a big drop off from schools players quitting the game once they finish secondary school.


RWC 2019 Pool draws this morning


RWC draw made this morning

Great draw for us. Awful for England. Unusually hardish one for the Kiwis


So a quarter final defeat to South Africa awaits…


Anyone bar the AB’s in a WC are beatable. Thank ■■■■ we didn’t Argentina again


Whats the order for qfinals ? Is it A v B , C v D and first in group plays runner up in other group ?


No idea, was just hazarding a guess that it would be A v B


Couldn’t have hand picked a better group TBH …