Rugby 2016/17


Decent effort from Leinster by the sounds of it, after a tricky start.


Yes - heroic, passionate, died with their boots on etc. Oops sorry … no - that’s Munster …


For all carberry offers in attack his defence is worse then Kearney


You get away lightly.


Ringrose try , worth a look


shocking defending :grin:


Always with the negative vibes, Moriarty


ah i was only jokin


Ulster teams wouldn’t like that. Except Ulster


Stuart Barnes,

“Lovely dummy. Spedding buys it. He’s heading off to a wine bar in Beaune. Ringrose; he’s under the posts.”



OTB reckon the better team lost, that when they play, Leinster are better then Claremont…


We will see next season both teams overachieved


Only seen that try now.:clap:


Who do you reckon underachieved?


Brilliant try by ROCK, err…I mean Ringrose, very exciting player in fairness


78 mins and 27 seconds on the clock and the floodlights at RDS go out . Leinster leading by the hair of their chin 31-30. If the lights don’t come on shortly it’s all over and Leinster win . Utterly bananas circumstances , how did this happen ?

Lights came back on and game finished 31-30.


When I was growing up Paul Weller used to warn us of lights going out and a kick in the balls … but that was entertainment…


Really? Or is it that Irish provinces have punched above weight for years and that foreign chequebooks are finally deciding everything?


As opposed to Irish IRFU cheque books?


Different scale Tayto!!