Rugby 2016/17



A 6-3 classic at the aviva


Switched on the pre match coverage of the Munster Saracens game - couldn’t take the coverage, cliche after cliche.

Saw that ‘To Have and Have Not’ was showing ,so switched over. Brilliant. Not a dud line or piece of dialogue. Not a cliche in sight.
And now I see ‘Broadsword calling Dannyboy’ is on , don’t feel drawn to the match at all…


But think of the tradition of this competition. It goes all the way back to at least 1996…


You need to front up dub!


Ahhh, I have seen the ending of the movie many times,so have switched back to the passion play …


23-3 to Saracens


Thats a beating, and they would have had more but for dropped passes , 26-3 now 75 mins.


Not terribly heroic. To be fair Munster probably overachieved, they’re a pretty average team.


Saracens defence read them well, they dont look good today . Unlucky with O’Mahoney going off and Murray out, but it was as expected I think. Saracens the better side all over.


Gerry thinks Munster were defiant to the last … sums up the reporting around rugby/Munster which i really dislike. They were well beaten Gerry and that late score was a minor consolation, not an act of defiant heroes ffs.


Completely agree . tomorrow and Monday reporting to follow - the ’ honesty and passion and all that rubbish '. Died with boots on and all that stuff . They were stuffed . End of . Poite I thought ignored a few high tackles and offsides and so on but really they were stuffed . They’ll be back for the Pro 12 final probably though , so good business for pubs and pizzas etc .

Now, hoovering done , mutt walked , there must be sump’n on Netflix for later


Not just that but also completely lacking in lucky clover. Ha ha Munster. Not that I really care but I wouldn’t mind seeing Lunster win, if only to piss The Keepers of the Flame of Pure Irish Rugger and all Things Gaelic Spirit and Culture off


Leister have much the stronger panel of players, tough one today though.


Will put up link here at 3pm, thats when they become live/available

Actually Bath and Stade in Challenge Cup on now, followed by Leinster game on SS3



Looks like a good fight back from Leinster


21-12 now , it’s all or nothing now


21-19 … fair fecks to the goys




I wemember Dublin City in the rare auld times …