Rugby 2016/17


Perhaps … but are any of us … :wink:


I am!


That’s what you think!!!


I get what you mean, and the Ireland team certainly has disappointed many times, but they were up to No.2 in the world at a point (and even now are No.4), and that’s based on a proper scoring system, so the hype can be somewhat justified.


Reporter is Welsh which explains a lot


Or the five-in-a-row Championship defeats to Dublin, hopefully?


Have done well for sure, but then there are only a handful of serious rugby countries but considering how traditionally weak we are the IRFU have done a good job since the game went professional.


They are experts in being the November International champions currently
I never understand the hype around challenge games


They do sell challenge games are “tests” very effectively to be fair to them. Keeth wood was on the wireless saying there’s no such thing as a dead rubber in rugby.


Of course not. It’s a special sport.

My arse


i know yea. they get bums on seats for these though, so you have to hand it to them, they can sell a meaningless match like no other sport.


The All-Blacks in town is big business. If you make it (almost compulsory) to buy a ticket of Ireland v Samoa/Fiji/Namibia in order to buy a ticket for Ireland v New Zealand, you will sell a lot more of the less-attractive fixtures.


Someone fancied a taste of the North.


In fairness Ireland did beat the two best nations in the world, in games that really mattered to both.


Yes. And diplomatic relations with both Canada and Italy have been a tad frosty ever since …


In what way did the New Zealand game matter to NZ in Chicago.

In other news Billy Vunipolo was rat-arsed drunk on the wednesday before the Irish game as well as after the game too.

I do wonder how pushed the English were.


If the boot was on the other big foot, and NZ beat us, even if it was in Outer Tibet, the fact is the unbeaten run was broken at the point of record, same as with England. Not every single one of NZs wins over Ireland were what you might call massively important games but if any game that is a glorified friendly match can be considered important (and rugger has always been different in that regard anyway) then it’s when a side has a record unbeaten run in sight, whatever about every other game in that run.


From Gordon today in the Oirish Times …

“The obvious solution is Sexton at 10, Farrell at 12, with Robbie Henshaw and Jonathan Joseph scrapping over the 13 jersey (along with Elliot Daly and Garry Ringrose), but who kicks at goal.”

Does he know Wales and Scotland (both of whom beat us) can have players selected for the Lions too? :thinking:


Christ!! BODs one man attack on the GAA continues … he’s got Berno now!


Is henshaw all that? Powerful but in hurling terminology he’s not very wristy