Rugby 2016/17


This 6N was the last to be sponsored by RBS at a cost of €11mn a year . The estimate for the next sponsor is €15mn a year , the reason is that the viewership is up for televised rugby , as oppose during to soccer . You only have to look at the money AIB spend on the sponsorship of the programme ’ the toughest trade ’ or whatever , and Aer Lingus getting their association with the team on TV. No mention of customer service there . Team sponsors get their logo out in the documentary about tours or match like Chicago . It’s just sponsorship programmes , but there’s clearly money in it or else they wouldn’t be spending it . The media strength of the sponsors ensures they get coverage - as has been said here, in acres of print for the matches .


Interesting that premiership soccer viewership is down a whack over the last 5 years


Possibly cos it has no integrity and is rather sh1te …


Exactly , it’s product placement or association with the team annexed . Another version of QVC tat


I know that, you know that, but a lot of people still seem to watch it. Is streaming going to kill the tv money? Like it did the music industry?


Be great to see a bit of sanity return … and maybe testimonials too :joy:


I’m nothing more than a TV fan of rugby, but surely France are getting the short end of the stick here? I thought that Wales were deliberatly collapsing every scrum and were cheating as much as the French. The fact that the clock wasnt stopped as Barnes was checking to see who could replace the binned Welsh lad was surely unfair, over seven mins of that ten was spent with the teams standing about waiting on Barnes and Wales to make up their mind on who was coming on.

I wouldnt expect a fair assessment form any of the UK papers and i have little times for Wales or their supporters when it comes to our matches, but I would have thought the indo would be a little less one sided (unless its a syndicated copy from the UK?)


I thought it was great. I like Stacey, Nessa and Bryn but that’s about it.


there was a clear bite mark on North’s arm . Even Barnes acknowledged it but no video footage of it


he might have done it to himself (i did hear that didnt i?)


I thought it was strange they couldn’t find any video for it


what about the welsh constantly collapsing the scrum, and Barnes not giving a penalty try when france were moving forward? (although he had a funny definition of ireland stopping during a maul last week too)

also the clock ticking away while Wales decide who to bring on?


Totally agree with all that but biting in any form is disgusting


i agree, which is why i never made an issue of it. i think the doctor was codding as well, although that player looked a bit dazed.


I never understand why they play Antonio . He may be 21 stone but he can’t prop up a wall. Slimani is an excellent scrummager in comparison.


He’s lost weight, so… He was around 24-25 st a couple of years ago. Peter Stringer would be a better prop than him.


Oops!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Matt OConnor returning to Leicester as Head Coach starting April, Mauger to leave .


Much prefer my Kerry 5 in a row teeshirt.

That only 5 in a row the current team will do will be five of them involved in a fight (row). Some football just may break out too …


Not giving out I just hate the hype and Ireland rugby players begin to believe their own hype. They’re not as good as they think they are