Rugby 2016/17


Barnes is a fucking joke. 2nd time a penalty try should have been given


We actually are going to miss the Ireland match here :joy:


he says he scrum went 1 1/2 metr - , so why blow it , why not let France push on




Sickening for the Welsh … :grin:


99th minute. Never seen anything like it.


Deserved try for France. Hope to see Barnes in Greene King Championship next year. Win for France.


Get in! Ireland top seeds for the WC as a result so wont get stuck in a pool with Eng or NZ


Only just deserved. They were terrible shite for long periods of that.


agree - had no confidence in them out wide, they were poor mostly


Good man Keith … :roll_eyes:

Best called out for HIA as a result of giving that outrageous pass!! :joy::joy::joy:


Two high balls and missed both of them. Payne having a wobbly start.


Is there an alternative option to ryle?




Ahhhhhhh, its the last 6N for RTE … man up :cry:




TV3 next year :rage:


All a bit helter skelter so far but Ireland going well


Going well but still up the jumper rugby, England do look quite vulnerable, kinda look like all they thought all they had to do was turn up.


Very good 1St half, POM making a difference. Based on that I think we will only lose by 5-10 points, maybe even 0-5