Rugby 2016/17


They really hate each other. But Stade have more to gain as they are a vanquished club now on the slide


Tommy Bowe fractured his leg in his 30 second cameo, his replacement??? Fergus McFadden… what a joke…


It’s like our managers get more and more conservative the longer they’re in the job.


Sounds like a job for Ger Cunningham


Ha, yea, except I doubt anyone wants sexton dropped and Murray to walk


Did they actually suggest on off their he ball earlier, that we copy England and play Jackson at 10 with sexton at 12, henshaw at 13 and ringrose on the wing? Jaysus. Are we really that short on options?


The mc fadden selection is beyond a joke …i never bought the Leinster bias before but this one really has me revising that …

Has JS lost the plot ?.. This whole set up could get ugly quite quickly I fear … A hammering from England which I fully expect will open a lotta floodgates


Looks like it has been given a lifeline.


it’s like a red rag to those calling him too conservative for sure. People are always impatient to see the latest overhyped kid who scored a try at pro12 level to come through, remember when Mcfadden was that kid. There’s no question Schmidt doesn’t trust on or two of the flair players anyways.


You can’t beat the old school tie … that’s what makes the country thick (sic) …


Mindful that it’s circa 13-15k a year in fees , think it’s good it’s being kept open , hopefully better run than before . The school isn’t just a rugby school , they play hurling and football with a lot of players doing all three , so it’s positive for them and competitions they entered .


oh oh


interesting listening to keith wood there, he said he thought sexton was a yellow immediately, on review he’s not so sure but says you can;t blame barnes.

Also that henshaw came out and apologised for mucking up that try - says he should have known the rule. You know a sport is too technical when a pro player doesn’t know some of the rules!


Thought O’Mahony would have made the team, possibly for Heaslip, with the South African moving to No. 8

Scrum half is a major worry, Marmion is very inexperienced and I’m not convinced by McGrath at all. His passing can be all over the place even in the Pro12.

Could be a long 80 minutes!!


The Wales game was very disappointing, in terms of the players who should have led by example, but did not. As was said here, they are getting paid for this, they are professionals. I recall a speaker at a schools career event saying’ the hallmark of a professional is the ability to treat every person who comes through the door the same, to be consistent’ - and I think its incredibly disappointing that having this group of players do not seem to have the discipline to be consistent.

Henderson in for Toner , Payne for Kearney and Marmion for Murray- Murray is a big loss, so if J10 gets a knock and has to go, then its more disruption. I didn’t expect major changes for this game, dont think Schmidt does that. But I’d expect England to go absolutely through anyone standing in the way of a back to back Grand Slam and a record number of games unbeaten. Its Jerome Garces reffing the game, and you’d have to say its going to be v hard to get anything tomorrow from this. Load up on the chips on the shoulder and underdog status.


Probably even harder on Saturday.


ah brilliant, weaken the lineout, it was too strong.


What price Ingerland by 10+



RELAND V ENGLAND Saturday 18th March 2017, 17:00
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No sensible money on this. Ireland too good to get hammered like in 1999 or whenever it was, but not the same motivations or underdog status for us as in the good old days either. If we play for 85 minutes, it will be England by between 5-15, depending how good they perform, ref, luck etc. If we don’t, 10-25.