Rugby 2016/17


Show me the rule re possession first.
Killing the ball is not foul play - it’s a technical infringement. Other technical infringements include collapsing a scrum, collapsing a maul and delberately batting a ball down when preventing a pass being made - all oh which can result in a penalty try. What prevented Wales scoring a try was Sexton being in the way of the ball. Quick ball, Wales score a try. Sexton prevented this, unintentionally or deliberately. Barnes decided it was deliberate. He should have awarded a penalty try in such a case. Penalty tries are awarded where foul play or technical infringements prevent a try.


Tony Ward calling for Kearney and Heaslip to be dropped. What are our options for the back 3? While Keanrey’s attacking threat is non existent, he is a safe pair of hand under a high ball, Schmidt clearly doesn’t trust the more attack minded Gilroy is we were to chuffle zebo back to FB - not sure i rate him there though.

The Physicality of the english against scotland was something else, Itoje is a force of nature, but that’s something i think we can match in Dublin. It’s their pace out wide which could be a real problem for us.


They have 4 lineout jumpers - we have two …if you don’t have the ball… I highlighted this issue before the Scottish game so I’m hardly being revisionist. But the lineout of Ireland is too easy to read


Lineout is a mess yea, used to be a real strength. We seem to be obsessed with ball carrying forwards (who dont pass or offload) to the detriment of anything else.


You could nearly argue five, if you include all back-rowers. It makes Hartley’s job much easier, and I’m not convinced he is the best at throwing in.
The lineout, so long a strong point for Ireland, has been a shambles in this championship. The pack must take collective responsibility but the book lies with team selection, ultimately.


Nothing to lose in this game (bar whatever pride is left). Time to throw in some fresh blood, but then getting dropped by Joe Schmidt almost seems harder than being dropped by Declan Kidney.


Heaslip was brilliant against france, so he dropped two balls against Wales so he’s a goner? We seem to be declaring Furlong as a shoe in for the lions (we do hype our players) but he dropped a similar number of balls as heaslip.


We’re a great bunch alright.

[See hurling thread also …]


Heaslip is not doing it consistently. Couple that with his inability as a senior team player (along with Best and Sexton) and as vice-captain, to change the team’s tactics mid-game on Friday (when what was going on before wasn’t working) shows how far back he has fallen from the standards he set previously. He was great against France, but France are muck - not much improvement from them this year. I think (open to correction) that if France lose at home to Wales on Saturday, they will drop out of the top eight in the IRB ranking and will remain so when the WC draw takes place.


True enough, france don’t seem to be improving a whole lot from last year, despite the extra time they have with the players. Are the irish leaders given free rein to change tactics by Schmidt? i get the feeling he dictates the strategy.


We have ridiculously high notions about ourselves. France are muck? Really. And Wales were muck too … yeah. And Scotland. We’re a great bunch of lads though. Look at our quality. Look at 11-15 … world class. A real dose of reality needed in this country. Thornley and the IT cheerleaders have a lot to answer for.

And do you really think that players can change tactics mid game just like that? In a JS team? Really.

We are where we are in the table because that is our level. It’s not an accident. Simple as.


I’m not saying we’re any better or deserve to be any better than Wales or France.
If JS decides that his on-field leaders can’t take responsibility, then he needs to take a ride also. Bish-bash-bosh was fine (to a point) when Ireland were winning. But, as Bart pointed out re lineout - and you can apply to most aspects of the game that Ireland play - JS’s teams have become so predictable. If the lineout isn’t working and the opposition have done their homework on Irleand’s best ball-carriers (Henshaw, Stander, O’Brien, Furlong) then nothing else seems to be functioning and no plan B exists.
France are muck, by the way.


They are as muck as we are Beeko. We are very limited in what we can do with the players we have. We have some lads that would not even be near the England panel. France either.


Your comment re hurling thread is ringing true.
But I do think they are capable of something better. I agree that there are players who would struggle to make some English Premiership teams, never mind their squad, but I think Ireland can match France, man for man, in most positions.


Interesting story. Had to make sure it wasn’t April 1st when reading this.


Absolutely mental. Wonder what that will mean for ROG. Contracted to Racing up until 2019


A nice little pay-off.
Drafted into the Munster backroom.
Eventually drafted in as Ireland’s kicking coach.
He’ll be ok.


The fans hate each other . It’s the equivalent of Liverpool and Man U amalgamating


French rugby is a mess.


I’ll take your word on it.
I’d have imagined one club was traditionally working class, t’other for the middle class. On what basis I’d have imagined that, I haven’t a clue.