Rugby 2016/17


Sexton made no attempt to roll away at all.

He knew exactly what he was at.

I thought Barnes was decent enough tbh and wasn’t the reason we lost. Even with Sexton in the bin we controlled the first 4 mins of the 2nd half and gave away a silly penalty/ ball and they went and got the 2nd try.


He didn’t screw sexton looking back at it . Johnny makes no attempt to roll . He stopped a certain try illegally . That’s yellow .
Andy Farrell position needs to be called into question


I don’t think it was a a case of not knowing the rules as much as it was a case of poor execution. If his arm makes contact with Best’s back then he would have been legal. He seemed to make a swing for his back but got his angle all wrong and missed. Can’t afford that at this level.

Overall we made so many sloppy mistakes last night that you are never likely to win a game playing like that.


It was the only way were going to score a try. Which shows the ambition. I think there is a serious case of moving henshaw to 13 and ringrose to the wing.


Payne at 12?


Jaysus france are a pain in the hole- where we never offload, they force the jaysus thing constantly and knock on with monotonous regularity.


They’vee upped it in the second half - italians seem to be getting tired, could be a few more tries.


Jaysus England look a bit useful


As I said, even Jonathan Davies said that Sexton couldn’t roll away. If Barnes was that certain, he should have awarded a penalty try as well as binning Sexton.
The difference between the teams could be seen at how hard and quickly Wales cleared out their rucks compared to the slow ball that Ireland got.


England looking very impressive


We’ll still start as favs … cos we’re the better team …


Given that Ireland are the best 2nd half team in the world(til updated), if we can keep the chariot to a 20 point lead at halftime,we’re home and hosed. What went wrong yesterday was we did too well on the scoreboard in the 1St half, schoolboy stuff really.

The game will be purely a chance for us to embarrass a few of the Lions selection. Unlike the days when a win over them was the main event of the year, the current team have little but personal pride to play for, and with JS so predictable now, we will not even be throwing any curveballs.


I heard O Gara Comment on RTÉ before the game about how this game is of important for the Players to make the case for Lions selection

The Lions ? Four countries that hate each other coming together as a group to play a team that each country plays yearly - Aside from the cash payment to players for participating in that four week farce, which will make them happy, I think it’s the most outdated rubbish - that o gara is mentioning it in his preview of a six nations game made me cringe -


Beeko you can’t award a penalty try in that scenario. Because the attacking team didn’t have the ball in hand. In a situation where the ball has been killed and the probability is the team would have scored . A penalty and a yellow card is all you can award


Please re-punctuate so I can understand.


A penalty try can’t be awarded in that scenario because the attacking team didn’t have possession of the ball


So a pass that is deliberately knocked on by the defending team, denying a certain try, cannot result in a penalty try? Technically speaking, at the time of the deliberate knock on, the attacking team weren’t in possession? Is there an actual wording within a law of the game you can quote on to back up your point?
I’m not trying to trip you up, Bart. I’ve never heard your point before. I’m just wondering if it’s one of these things that people deem a law of the game on the basis of what referees have said in particular incidences previously?


A penalty try can only be awarded for foul play Beeko. Killing the ball is not deemed to be foul play. Hence why a yellow is awarded . Like for example you can’t get a penalty try after one collapsed scrum - it has to be repeated infringements.
It’s a silly rule - we’d have been better off with a penalty try and no yellow.


Killing the ball is foul play. Why else was he yellow carded if Barnes believed so?
I checked the law. There is no reference to having to be in posseseion.
Either Sexton deliberately killed the ball, prevented a try in doing so and being sin-binned and conceded a penalty try or he didn’t deliberately kill the ball.


Show me an instance in world rugby where a try was awarded for it