Rugby 2016/17


Kearney gets knocked back 5 yards every time he goes into contact.

He’s done and so are a few others now at this level.


There is a better strikeforce for Clontarf j3s then Kearney , zebo and earls


They may well come good but until they do people should forget the Darcy-O Driscoll comparisons. It’s like when a young fella has one good game for Kerry he becomes the next superstar.

Sean O’Brien poor too, Furlong dropped two balls and poor old Devon must have minus carrying figures cos he stays so high he gets driven back 5-10 metres every time.


I’d like to see Bernard Brogan at full back B - instead of Kearney …


Quite prepared to offer services at 15. If Kearney wasn’t handsome would he have a contract ?


O Gara the only one talking sense in after match analysis.


What he say?


We were sh1te … :joy:


[quote=“TheLoneRanger, post:1287, topic:271”]If Kearney wasn’t handsome would he have a contract ?

In fairness he is pretty … pretty woeful …


You can see why Ireland won nothing with Eddie :blush:. Ray Charles …


We have still never won a 6N match on a Friday night.


Or a Tuesday


Dooooo elaborate?


What a bunch of spoofers and fully endorsed by the media … 12 outta 12 journalists went for Irish win in the indo yesterday which sums up the cuckoo land they live in .

JS still lauded as greatest coach in de world but now has 3 disastrous tournaments behind him.

They never lose a game but throw it away… Autumn series has to be taken in its merits … We caught Nz cold … Meet a pub team in Australia first half n nearly blew it…South Africa are rubbish

Every time we face a real challenge we are found wanting … Our execution is simply woeful n any top defense tat is fully up for it has us sussed

Please God we don’t get another heroic " stop the chariot performance as a defeat here is what needed so the question can start been asked …


England v Scotland might be interesting, unless England go up a few gears.

We’ll probably have a backlash in lansdowne, but Murray and sexton took a battering. Our only truly quality backs. Missing either/both of them and we’re in trouble.

We’re desperately predictable, stander & O’brien trundle up into contact, recycle, repeat.


First things first. Barnes screwed Sexton for the yellow card. The penalty, as awarded, was worthy of a yellow but it was never a penalty. Sexton was clearly unable to roll away. Even Jonathan Davies admitted this. And this came shortly after three penalties in quick succession conceded by Wales in their own 22 and not a hint of a warning from Doubleyou Bee.

That said, Ireland were shocking. Heaslip knocked on two handy catches. Offered little else. Rory Best has had it. Needs ro be dropped. Sexton offered little in attack other than crossfield kicks and Garryowens. His defence was outstanding however. He was obviously playing to a plan that wasn’t working. Why did he, Heaslip and Best as the three most experienced players on the team not come up with alternatives? Ireland only looked like scoring a try after Donncha Ryan’s great run which was helped by some dodgy Welsh defending. This eventually led to Ireland’s only try scoring chance which was correctly disallowed by Barnes.
Three tries to nil says it all. George North picked a fine game to show that he hasn’t gone away.
I was sceptical of @25AliveOh claiming that Gatland was still involved with Wales. I think he may have been correct, for this game, at least. It has Gatland and Sean Edwards all over it.


When u think of the media bashing the top Gaa teams take when they fail and this bunch of spoofers are treated it a different planet in terms of accountabily

JS is a very coach but has now failed in his last 3 tournaments…


Can’t believe these guys are paid to play like this . . . WTF !!!


Eh, come again? That sentence is as confusing as rugbys rulebook.

Hilarious that a player like Henshaw didn’t know he couldn’t join a rolling maul from the side like that. England players had no answer to Italy last week, because the rules confused them, Seán O’Brien was trying the same yesterday but he didnt seem to know why he wasnt doing the same thing. Crazy rulebook - no other sport do the players not understand the rules.


The players in our squad are nowhere near as good as Thornley & Co would have you believe. And we concede far too many points … even when we win.