Rugby 2016/17


Lineout shagging woeful - just hit Toner FFS


Brexi’s Midnight Runners were poor Vs Wales. We are losing this game by the set-piece. “Barnes in Giving us Most of the Calls Shock!”

POM on thank feck. If he’s fit…


They’re giving it a lash.


I knew the c**t would turn


Brainless rugby players


Story of our season - can’t convert good possession/territory and chances.

Could still win though - finishing stronger.


It’s 2 years ago all over again, the last 25 mins anyway. Welsh will hang on


2 tries to nil anyway, Wales deserve the win. Last game only about pride now, we might only get 2 wins in this tournament. Bye bye JS. And can I just take this opportunity once again to say anything even remotely connected with Gatland is just horrible


Toothless and clueless. Too many overrated lads on that team. If your back three can’t tackle forget it


3 tries te nil. Abject


Awful awful performance… media will totally let them away this, we’ll here lots about physicality and effort and intensity when in reality, that is an absolutely dreadful performance.


Anytime it’s on the line for Dublin we get over the line . And they don’t get paid

The Irish rugby team are the biggest bunch of imposters in Irish sport .



All his calls were right though and Joe Schmidt had a mare on the line.

We were terrible and too predictable. Basic skills were shocking. We’ve very few finishers


Wales deserved to win, Ireland just kept trying the same things that weren’t working.
Love the commentary
"Sexton tries something different "
He f…king hoofed the ball in the air.


11-15 totally overrated. Centre partnership not what some would make it out to be. Henshaw a good player but still a lot to prove - caught out v badly for first try. Earls no defence - Kearney either.


Not good enough again this year - likeky will lose three games out of five


We’re all grunt & no guile.


Ireland’s 11 to 15 is poor alright -


Henshaw is a physical specimen but a lot to prove as a footballer. Ringrose only young still but looking overhyped at this stage.might come good yet.


Henshaw is a world class talent used badly .

It’s like putting Bernard brogan in at full back

Truly shambolic