Rugby 2016/17


It’s fairly obvious alright, we’ve been narrow for years, amazing how few teams manage it.


Kearney with a couple of nice catches, but my god our back three are poor… sooner we get lads like O’Hallorhan and Gilroy on there the better


Earls couldn’t tackle a fish supper


Wales playing well, we’re lucky they’re a bit toothless


Sexton taking one for the team


We’ve made 90 tackles to their 51


As a casual rugby watcher, I find this game very hard to stomach. The physicality and commitment is impressive but that’s about it. It’s all brawn and zero skill.


You can’t criticise our wingers on here …

Bring on Tommy Bowe. Can’t see Murray back out either.


That’s rugby :rugby_football:


Conor Murray might be hurt :sob:


God bless Inverdale bigging up a poor enough game


He’s back on but missing an arm …


The [quote=“Dub09, post:1250, topic:271”]
Bring on Tommy Bowe.

The fact bowe is the option says it all :confused:


Far too fucking easy. We make a b****x of our 5 metre line out - they don’t.


Acreage out wide, or on short. Murray off.


Hard to see them coming back from this. Murray should never have come back out, and it compounds the fact we are so dependent on him.


Only need two scores


Take the jaysus points ffs


Yeh but have taken a battering+didn’t come out for 2nd half. Welsh performance has Twatlands influence all over it, they were poor enough up til this game


They were good against the brexiteers