Rugby 2016/17


The number of games the Irish players miss due to irfu policy totally undermines the competition.


It is annoying in one sense…
Sexton played in 5 Pro12 games and 5 Champions Cup games last season. And 7 Lions games!
O’Brien played in 4 Pro12 games and 4 Champions Cup games last season. And 5 Lions games

But on the other hand other/younger players come through and get much more gametime that wouldn’t otherwise. Jack Conan and Dan Leavy played in 20 and 26 games respectively for Leinster last season.
The league will always play second fiddle to the championship (just like in the GAA) and internationals.


yep. It is largely used as a development league, which is fine so long as people realise it. You’d need to love your egg chasing to find it interesting. The most disappointing is when they rest the internationals on the big derbies at christmas when they actually pull in a crowd.


In England and France the competitions don’t suffer and hence have revenues of 50-100m . The pro 12 has 11m.
The reason being it’s a crap product . Plus the two South African sides I now have read can’t use any South African home based international players outside their current Super 15 sides . In other words no home based South African international players can play for these two sides
So you’d wonder how crap these SA will be


Someone who doesn’t love their egg chasing probably wouldn’t tune into Leinster Dragons. Whereas they would maybe tune into the bigger games where most of the internationals will be playing, with the exception of the Xmas/New Years interpros, which is indeed disappointing.

Don’t know much about the South African sides, but do not expect them to do any better than midtable, for the first couple of seasons at least. They were lower table in Super Rugby and have lost what internationals they have.
That rule, mentioned by Bart, seems strange. Wonder what would happen if they developed a really quality player - would he not be allowed to play for the international side unless he moved club?


For your last line . The super 15 governing body has determined that no NZ, SA and Aus,Japan , Argie side can use home contracted international players in any competition outside the Super 15.


true enough i think we’re more or less saying the same thing. If you are trying to grow the appeal of the league, pulling top players out of games willy nilly is not the way to go about it. It’d help if the welsh regions public really bought into their clubs but it hasn’t quite clicked over there really for some reason and the italian clubs seem to be perpetually struggling.


Kinda Bizarre rule. means these SA teams are going to be poor enough.


It’s very smart . It protects the Super 15. Rupert Murdoch is no idiot . Renders these two sides as bum outfits unless they contract from outside completely and when you examine the South African Rand that’s not hoing to happen really .


Totally… and if you were a young player hoping to make the grade and be in with a chance of an international call-up, you certainly wouldn’t be interested in signing a long term contract with a club that has such restrictions placed on it, so there’s little chance of the club even developing talent, unless in the role of a feeder club to a Super 15 side.


That is exactly what they will be, feeders to the super rugby teams. could work well for Sa actually. not so well for the pro14.


it’s a smart rule for the super 15 no doubt - surprised they got the unions to agree to it.


Could be a good shop window for lads and they’re bound to be at least better than the Italians …


wouldn’t put money on it. The Italians are likely to improve now that the Italian rugby Federation has taken over Zebre completely and Treviso are no 50% owned too. they are putting in the same model as here


makes sense that. Shoul dbe able to fund two pro teams you’d a thunk.


What a ridiculous tweet …


They (The RFU) have discovered that the two aren’t English?


The wimmin took some trashing from the frenchies


10/11 for the -14 spread … it’s an ill wind … :wink:


Rugby must be the only sport you can take up as an adult and get to play as an international?