Rugby 2016/17


What kind of budgets are the SA teams working off, are they funded by the SA union like the irish provinces or do they have to finance themselves like a normal club?


Makes sense tbh. Time Zones for the SA teams when they’re playing in Aus and NZ are awful for TV viewing and the jet lag. Can see the other SA teams breaking away and joining up later down the line. (Been rumoured that this is the SARU testing the waters into a possible full breakaway from Super Rugby)


Sounds like a conspiracy theory. Is it not just that these two were cut from super rugby


Jet lag will be something of an issue here too. At least one of the flights down or back likely to be overnight.

Added to that the joys of connecting in Heathrow or somewhere much like.


No difference in time zone more or less(only an hour or two). Jet lag is to do with the body clock/time difference not the length of time travelling


Semantics aside, a night’s sleep on a plane is going to have an effect.


All games in South Africa will be on Saturdays, and they’re going to try to arrange it that teams will play both South African sides away in consecutive weeks (and where not possible, there will be long breaks between both trips).
It will be worst for the SAffer sides I guess.


I wouldn’t have thought so. Flight time would be no different to Auckland or Sydney/Brisbane (to a lesser extent) and they won’t be having to deal with jet lag.


I mean, compared to the Pro12 teams.


I doubt either host city (Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth) have direct flights to the UK either. Irish teams are looking at three flights each way to play games in South Africa. Unless the option arises of official supporters clubs coughing up for 2 match away tours on a direct charter flight with the players/coeaches, etc.


they could have added a team from romania, or georgia - or even their national teams (ireland used to be a county side in english cricket) to try and develop the game in europe, but no.

same with the 6 nations, Rugby is not interested in real expansion, only dosh. wonder how that american league idea is going - its a joint effort between world rugby and the NFL and will use NFL stadia in the spring. Money there as well.


Georgia and/or Romania ? So they can get beaten week in week out like the Italians are. Better off setting up a second league with teams from Georgia, Romania, Russia,Italy, Spain etc and invite the Germans to set up a team for it. (Huge money being pumped into German rugby at the moment by the chap that owns Capri Sun.


thats exactly what i mean - thats your division 2, with the celtic countries as division 1. no need to bring clubs from the other side of the planet into it.


Given the italian clubs performance i’d say that might be for the best. Need to improve the standard not stink the place out even more. I doubt the romanian/georgian national sides could buy their best players back from France.


Get what your saying but Still think it makes more sense for the SA teams to be competing in a similar time zone rather than in the likes of NZ. Should be interesting to see what the Saffers bring. They tend to be fairly physical teams in comparison to teams from the Celtic countries.


Might jazz up the Pro 12 though bringing the SA teams into it . It needs it . It’s a boring product currently and generates very little in comparison to the GP or Top 14. Going to watch a half baked Leinster team minus internationals versus the Dragons on a cold January evening is as appealing as getting your balls waxed with a Brillo pad


Each to their own etc etc :wink:


I’d think it’s more appealing than watching Exeter - Sale in the same weather conditions.


Exeter and sale have much better players when the home nations are minus their internationals. It’s essentially the Leinster u20s versus the dragons reserves


Dragons have 2 players in the Welsh squad, with 15 caps between them.
When Leinster beat Wasps (who finished top of Aviva Prem) in Champions Cup QF last year, 6 of Leinster’s starting XV would have been regulars on the Irish team. Still a pretty decent side when the internationals are away.