RTÉ to broadcast league & club matches


It’s confusing alrite, poor sheep don’t know where they stand around these parts…


The GAA never marketed the Spring Series - DCB did. The GAA have never bothered with the League … until Dublin started winning it … and Sam. And then people realised you could do both. Kerry never really bothered - just had the best team (on or off the gargle!). I don’t agree that Dublin moving to Croker caused this at all - the crowds are actually poor enough (relatively speaking) - even double headers.

But the TV competition has driven this. And while a Dublin support may seem small in Croker in Jan/Feb it is vibrant and lively and atmospheric in Tralee or Omagh or Castlebar. I am not a fan of pay per view at all and never will be, but I was glad to be able to watch Kerry v Dublin a couple of years ago from Tralee, cast on to my TV by a mobile phone as Jack Barry pulled and dragged Fento around the pitch to nationwide acclamation!

But there is no doubt that Eir’s foray into the NFL has caused this wider interest - including by RTE … who treated the League appallingly right up to last year. Declan McBennett may be another factor in their renewed interest … but long may it continue.

As for my ‘Kildare side of Rathcoole’ comment and your question is that supposed to be an insult? Yes … yes … it is - the worst kind too. I misread your marketing stuff and you - not for the first time. And have no problem apologising. This time. :wink:


Do Eir sport still have a say in this,do they still get saturday night games ?


Nail on head.missus.


If they promoted it properly you should get 50k at all dublin matches, was it 3 years ago full house at league final vs kerry , before that 80k at 2 tyrone matches under lights .Gaa have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century in regards promoting their - i hate this word - product.


Yeah - bit of this - bit of that. Tyrone is different though - it was new enough to them … and they were escaping the North - and I am not being smart or funny here. They won 3 Sams brilliantly in the Noughties but we were not a factor at the time. But we built a rivalry and Mugsy’s goal and the replay cemented that. Us beating Tyrone in 2010 was actually a huge monkey off our back in terms of beating a top team. Tyrone’s main rivalry to that point was Kerry - and it was nasty at times - so I think they were glad to meet/beat us - for a change. I think there was much more respect between Tyrone-Dublin than Tyrone-Kerry around that time.

We hammered Kerry in front of a full house in 2016 - but 2016 is the operative word here. It was an event - the centenary of the Rising. There were 30k less there a year later when Kerry beat us.


For me Tyrone were the first team to really take the league seriously as a building block to the championship. The move to the league games being only in the spring had a great boost to the quality of the league IMO. No more Novembers in Castle Bellingham watching teams slog it out in a mud bowl with very little football on show. The league running straight through rather than half before Christmas and the real half starting after it. Crap structures allowing for Div 2 teams to take on Div 1 in semi’s and finals all gone.
In the main the best teams in the country in Div 1 and playing each other regularly has to give you good game’s, I can’t remember the last time a team outside of Div 1 won an AI, it could be as far back as Mordor or Galway’s last wins.
This is a great competition and people not attending it are missing out on probably the best football of the year, personally I can’t wait until there is a merger of this with the championship to give us even better football with more meaningful games.


Yea, thought Tyrone & Kilkenny showed the way.


The full line-up of matches on TG4 for the coming months are as follows:


Dublin v Westmeath, Bord na Mona O’Byrne Cup Final, Live from Parnell Park.

Coverage begins at 7:55pm (Throw-in: 8pm)


Armagh v Tyrone, Bank of Ireland Dr. McKenna Cup Football Final, Live from the Athletics Grounds.

coverage begins at 7:25pm (Throw-in: 7:30pm).


AIB All Ireland Intermediate Club Football Semi-Final

An Spidéal (Galway) v Naomh Éanna (Antrim)

Live from Páirc an Tailteann, Navan Coverage begins at 1:55pm (throw-in: 2pm)


Live: Allianz Football League - Round 1 - Monaghan v Dublin, Clones

Deferred: Allianz Hurling League - Round 1 - Wexford v Limerick, Innovate Wexford Park


Live: Allianz Hurling League - Round 2 - Clare v Kilkenny

Deferred: Allianz Hurling League - Round 2 - Cork v Wexford

Deferred: Allianz Football League - Round 2 - Tyrone v Mayo


AIB All-Ireland Senior Club Hurling Championship Semi-Finals

3pm St. Thomas’ (Galway) v Ruairi Óg Cushendall (Antrim)

Live from Parnell Park, Dublin

5pm Ballyhale Shamrocks (Kilkenny) v Ballygunner (Waterford)

Live from Semple Stadium, Thurles

Live on SportTG4 YouTube: AIB All Ireland Intermediate and Junior Club Football Finals, Live from Croke Park.


Live: Allianz Football League - Round 3 - Monaghan v Galway, Inniskeen, 2pm

Deferred: Allianz Football League - Round 3 - Roscommon v Tyrone

Deferred: Allianz Football League - Round 3 - Match to be confirmed

Live on Sport TG4 YouTube: AIB All Ireland Intermediate and Junior Club Hurling Finals, Live from Croke Park


AIB All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship Semi-Finals

1:30pm Corofin (Galway) v Gaoth Dobhair (Donegal)

Live from Páirc Sean Mac Diarmada, Carrick-on-Shannon

3:30pm Dr. Crokes (Kerry) v Mulllnalaghta St Columba’s (Longford)

Live from Semple Stadium, Thurles

Live on Sport TG4 YouTube: All Ireland Scór na nÓg Finals, Live from TF Royal Theatre, Castlebar


Live and deferred coverage from the Allianz Hurling League (Round 3) including Kilkenny Limerick, Wexford v Tipperary and Galway v Dublin.


Live on Sport TG4 YouTube: Electric Ireland Higher Education GAA Sigerson Cup Final


Live on Sport TG4 YouTube: Electric Ireland Higher Education GAA Fitzgibbon Cup Final, Live from Waterford I.T.


Allianz Football League (Round 4) and Allianz Hurling League (Round 4)

One live match and two deferred matches.


Allianz Football League (Round 5) and Allianz Hurling League (Round 5)

One live match and two deferred matches.


GAA Presidents Awards, Live from Croke Park

Saturday 9th March

Live on Sport TG4 YouTube: Gourmet Food Parlour O’Connor Cup Ladies Football Final


Allianz Hurling League Quarter-Finals


Allianz Hurling League Semi-Finals


AIB All-Ireland Senior Club Football & Hurling Finals, Live from Croke Park


Allianz Football League (Round 7)

Allianz Hurling League Final


Allianz Football League (Division 3 and 4 Finals), Live from Croke Park

Live on Sport TG4 YouTube: All Ireland Colleges Hurling Final (Post Primary Schools Finals), Double header live from Semple Stadium, Thurles


Allianz Football League (Division 1 and 2 Finals), Live from Croke Park


Live on Sport TG4 YouTube: All Ireland Colleges Football Final

(Post Primary Schools Finals - Paddy Drummond Cup Final and Hogan Cup Final), double header live from Croke Park


Dunno why TG4 cant do live club double headers more often in the provincial championships. Couldnt be arsed with deferred matches.


There is something about a match that’s not live, just not the same is it.


Think I read somewhere that they don’t have the resources to do two live broadcasts on the same day. It’s more cost effective to do one live and record one and show it later.


Thats fair enough. I love me club champo matches in the winter so I do.


Not if ya know the result if suppose :joy:


I cannot see how it would be more cost-effective. They still need to sets of cameras, mikes, cabling, trucks, etc. One set of pundits and one presenter is all that is required to cover two games, back to back. I’d imagine a 2nd live game can garner a bit more in advertising revenue than a delayed coverage game.



Even though you can tell tg4 work on a very tight budget, the coverage is very strong.


By far.


I dunno. I’m not a telly technician. But I imagine those that are, would know more about this kind of thing than us. A live broadcast may require satellite equipment or outside broadcast trucks that just sending a camera crew to record a match don’t need. They don’t even need to send commentators to the match, as match commentary can by someone watching the same recorded footage that you & I are back at the studio & no one is any the wiser. :woman_shrugging: