RTÉ to broadcast league & club matches


"Pure constipated hurling "
But apart from that the young analysts were good
I enjoyed the current players on the football this year they were better than the aul fellas


Dunno. Based on the mood on a Second Captain’s podcast early this week when the prospect of this meeting got mentioned, I wouldn’t be so sure about the changes getting the green light for the league just yet. I mean, if it wasn’t going to have implications for the league, why the urge for the meeting to take place before the league throws in?

On topic, good to see RTE have finally copped on & realised the importance of IC action that plays out before May. Better late than never.


They have in their holes.

They’re not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re doing it because they’ve realised there is money to be made.

The popularity of the league has really taken off & their bean counters want to get in on the spring time gravy train. It’s not out off any new found patriotic grá for our national games, or a moral obligation to promote them.

Or else the GAA twisted their arm & told them to give a longer, year round commitment if they want to maintain access to the championship games in the summer. Not before time too imo.


Their highlight show for the last few years has been embarrassing.


Would think it’s the latter although you’d tend to think that tight night games in the spring could get more viewers than many’s a one-sided May/June/July championship game. Eir subscribers who stumped up to get access to league coverage might be slightly miffed even if it’s only 4 games that will be wheeled out free-to-air.




Clearly RTE are angling to grab the Saturday games from Setanta/eir.

More Marty, Spillane and O’Rourke.

Please leave TG4 alone…or let them have the Saturday games as well.


I would think tg4 will keep the Sunday coverage and Rte the Saturday.

If this is the case great news.


Hoganstand article on why the All Ireland had less viewers


We’re not mad on the ould links to that place here …

We prefer original material.


To be fair, the league has only started to get support in the last decade as teams have taken it more seriously. Why would they show games at primetime on a Saturday when nobody would watch? Eir/Setanta is a sports specific channel. Everything comes down to the dollar in this modern world!

Highlights has been inexcusable terrible. However, even that has improved from the days of Sunday Sport that showed highlights from a multitude of sports.


Chicken and the egg imo. Historical lack of coverage by the national broadcaster has contributed to the historical lack of interest. Now that interest is growing (due in large part to the greatest team of all time taking the competition very seriously & forcing most of the other top counties to take it more seriously too) they want to get involved.


Ah come on, none of the ‘top’ sides showed any interest in it for years. That is in both codes.

I think the GAA should take the majority of the criticism for how they marketed the leagues and how they continued to allow it to be perceived as a meaningless competition.

Championship attendances have been dropping, particularly provincial, whilst tv coverage has increased.


Why wouldn’t they take an interest now it has become more popular? As I mentioned, dollar dollar bills.

Also, Dublin’s interest in the competition, interestingly coincided with Dublin GAA and the GAA promoting the Spring Series as it was called.

A funny thing Marketing eh



For years the League was seen as a Championship hindrance. Dublin have shown the benefit of treating it seriously. I accept we have a stronger panel than most but when you boil it down it is possible to win the League and Sam double with 13/15 games … hardly exhausting.

Dublin have shown that it is possible to be at a very high level of fitness (if desire and dedication is there) all year round with that extra 15-20% peak to be achieved as and when needed as latter Championship stages are reached.


Do you think Dublin make money from the League??? :open_mouth::thinking:

Have you seen the ‘crowds’ in Croke Park for some of these ‘Spring Series’??

Dublin’s interest in the League has coincided with a large competitive panel and a manager who wants to win every game. Nothing to do with marketing. Not your first strange post. Are you the Kildare side of Rathcoole by any chance.


I agree. The marketing of the league has always been piss poor. And a big part of that shitty marketing strategy has been the GAA continuously negotiating broadcasting deals with the national broadcaster that allows them get away with only airing live games for 5 months of the year.

If RTE were forced to give the entire GAA offering more airtime thoughout the entire calendar, all of it’s tournaments… club, intercounty, colleges, even de wimmen, would benefit from the additional exposure. Rising tide and all that.


Who said anything about making money? You making wild assumptions again? I simply implied marketing actually works!

What I am saying, and correctly imo, is that interest in the national league has increased since Dublin made the move to Croke Park for league games and the GAA started marketing Dublin league games and the league in general.

There has also been a large increase in those who attend our away league games.

Kildare side of Rathcoole, is that suppose to be an insult?


Huh. Ya mean Rathcoole isn’t actually in Kildare?


You learn something new every day. :crazy_face:


Absolutely agree, I would be all for it. TG4 have done great things for years thankfully.

The GAA’s negotiating power has certainly increased with Sky Sports coming into the market.