Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Few people have said Mayo were closest in 2016 and 2017, I think 2013 was really a missed oppprtunity and solely down to the calls on the line. Dublin were depleted for the last 10 mins of that game and Horan made some strange calls


I would consider Mayo a better team than both Donegal and Kerry yet …


On the bottlers tag. The team as a whole would be anything but bottlers. But certainly, at different stages of the home straight in AI finals, some players have made big mistakes when the game was in the melting pot. Cillian’s free into the hill for example. Small margins in tight games have huge consequences.


To this day, I wonder how we got away with that one. 15 v 13, all Horan had to do was notice that O’Gara was crippled, and Rory was Zonked.


Haven’t bothered to read this thread much but Rochford leaving is good for mayo .

I think the next manager will need to be good and even at that will need a bit of rebuilding to do


It was probably our most remarkable win really, we fell over the line. Wasn’t Jamesy and Flynn limping off the pitch too and Jonny had a shiner near closed over? That was a battle! Between that game and the Jack Mc going off injured last year, I felt they were games we would have been more comfortable in had we not lost those players.


Donegal won Sam and well Kerry have and will again…at least that’s consolation for them


McGuinness a done deal I’ve been told…wouldn’t bank on it yet though.


Aye but I think Mayo were better than both but didn’t win one.


True and if Vaughan didn’t loose he head for us who knows…man up and all that. Both teams can always look back at mistakes that did or could have cost the team…for the winners though it’s all forgotten in the glory of victory…the losers at left with “what if’s“


If Vaughan hadn’t got sent off would Mayo have had the wherewithal & composure to go on and win?? As much as it would have been big setback for us to be player down would have still fancied us to make enough chances to win the game.


We will never know but it’s something Mayo people do think about…McHale in 1996 was worse though


Would have been some chance for Mayo. Would have neede someone to grab the game and see them through. Not sure which players would have done that for Mayo way Connolly, Cluxton, Brogan etc have done for Dublin.

Agree re ‘96 if ever there was AIF that was thrown away it was that one. Mayo allowed Meath suck them into brawl. Mayo far better football team.


The first game in 06 was far worse . Mayo were holding on to a one point win until Colm coyle in which was really a bollix of a shot ibut it somehow bounced on the ground and went over the bar . I remember that final as I was pitch side as a Stewart - the ref blew up straight after for a draw


If so I will lose a lot of respect for Mayo, not because it is Jimmy, but because it is clear it was all done and dusted before Rochford even announced he was staying, bad form , we get blamed for being suoer pros etc, but that is pro contracting as per prenier league


Wouldn’t be the first time a manager was shafted


Yeah, but most counties try not to make a habit of it. Mayo are getting so good at it, that they’ll qualify for the manager-baiting Olympics at this rate.

I sternly refuse to believe Jimmy is going to Mayo. It can’t possibly be a runner.


It will be the end for Mayo if he does. He won a lucky All Ireland playing toxic hand ball. It will never work again. The effects of what he brought spread like wildfire to the point where they are part of the reason we will beat Tyrone on Sunday. People on here say Mayo were a very good team. They were, in parts… They had good backs, a good midfield and two or three forwards with no significant subs. They were two to three scoring forwards away from an All Ireland and willpower and pride could not overcome that. McGuinness would set Mayo back ten years. They need a brave manager, a few more players, more accurate, faster forwards and less people called O Shea in their dressing room.



The Mayo Co Board sound like some shower alright, but it’s a bit daft absolving SR of all the blame for the piss poor discipline of his players. If a lot of them are seeing the line during big games, he has to shoulder some of the blame imo. Their discipline was much better under Horan, no?