Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


No - I meant exactly what I said.


It makes it sound like they were far away from winning it in 2012. Which they weren’t.


That’s not what I said.



Brolly is controversial and divisive. His opinions take up a lot of conversation among gaa folk , not sure that can be felt across the Atlantic.


In other Inter County Managerial News John Maughan is back with in Inter County game with with Offaly. Hasn’t managed at this level since 2008 be interesting to see if he has moved with the times in terms of training and preparation…


Would have my douvts, I reckon he is 50 laps of the pitch man.


Hopefully not Jimmy, Horan would be the dream. Solan would be my second choice.


He managed Clare in 92. A lot of changes since then too.


And let’s be honest it was a flash in the pan, did he stay after that? A good manager has to do it more than once. Personaly I don’t see the big attraction with outside managers, they haven’t been hugely successful, but in Mayo’s case it might be the best option as there seems to be a lot of sh…t going on within the county


I think he was the first to complain about dublin home advantage in a semi final too. The 1st time I heard the argument anyway.


He might have stayed for another year or two. They got to league semi final in 93. Beat Meath in Quarter Final. He a drill sergeant who will get a team fit and might do well for first season. Lads like him Luke Dempsey, Banty, Tomas O’Flaharta and Tom Cribbin jump from county to county.


Breaking news Mayo appoint a new Player-Manager



Pfffft no match for the Messiah in Dublin


Tough hard runs for 2 years through the qualifiers…which resulted in 2 one point all Ireland defeats…previous it was our canter through Connacht at will that was hindering us…or so the whole outside world was telling us…

You see, put a view out there, keep saying it long enough and everyone starts believing it…a bit like the Dublin should be split in 2 nonsense


Ah come off it @mayoman you absolutely fell over some piss poor teams. That’s the reality. I don’t know what view you mean but the fact that Mayo have no Sam surely means they weren’t quite good enough no matter how close they were. And that is not slagging them off - it’s just a fact.


I’ve no problem with people saying we weren’t good enough…Ive always held the view we were/are a forward short…that said he could have fallen over the line at least once…

But then you have people calling us bottlers, your either good enough or your not as Jimmys says


Ah no I wouldn’t say bottlers. Before 2011 we got that all the time when we just weren’t good enough. I don’t think Dublin fans would consider Mayo bottlers tbh.

I think ye were 2/3 forwards short tbh and a decent third midfielder. I just think that the new man coming in has work to do and that Mayo are further away from Sam now that at any time since 2012.


I certainly don’t anyway. Think Mayo were a really good team but couple of percent short, some of which was down to themselves and some down to us knowing how to win tight games.

Do believe however we are more than a couple of points better than Mayo. With exception of 2017 we could have and should have won the other games more comfortably. And think we would have won 2017 with a bit more to spare if Jack had stayed on. We do for whatever reason struggle to play well in finals. The other team stopping us, ref decisions, nerves or whatever??


I think mayo always believed they could beat us would beat us and they fought like dogs just testament to our boys that they fought that bit harder. We will look back k on this and say it was some epic battles, off course we will get the kudos but mayo played their part. While at the time it’s a killer in the final minute to be winning by a point no one can say they where handy finals. We fought like savages to win it. That’s a massive compliment to both teams.