Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


It’s funny though. On one hand were told that Rochford wanted him as a selector. On the other it appears they were CB appointments to undermine him, with the blessings of the Breaffy boys. Ford is a shoo in I’d say. See his defence of O Shea after selfie gate.

Anyway, I’ll leave further speculation to the Mayo blog lads and Off The Ball. The truth is out there!


Ford will be a much cheaper option as well then say Horan, and definitely Jim. Though if rumours of new sugar daddy’s are to believed, money is not an issue.


Why would Horan even want the gig again? I get that his name is being touted as a front runner, but I don’t get why he’d want to do it again. Unless beaucoup bucks are involved.

If he couldn’t get them over the line 4/5 years ago, when most of the squad were in their prime, the O’Connor’s didn’t have the dirty reputations they have now, Mayo’s discipline was much better & Jim Gavin’s Dublin weren’t really the finely oiled machine they are now, what gives him confidence he can do it now, when all those factors are at play now, that weren’t 4/5 years ago?


Willie joe says the shows over, folks!

Interesting snippets in the comments (always the reason to read there) that the mayo county board have lumped a €7k annual contribution to the stadium debt, that the decisions in relation to the redevelopment of the stadium were made by “county board meetings on friday nights in (named) pub” and it was “jobs for the boys”

Again and again, like dr Hyde sinking into the mud, the GAA is crammed with stories such as this. Because the DCB got away from that way of operating we have reaped the rewards, and it sticks in the throat of the likes of bitter who think the old funding method is amazing because it’s as traditional as the Latin mass and comely maidens dancing at the crossroads and our modern way of commercial partners is evil.


Im sure Bitter will find some way of blaming Dublin GAA. Like 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon, he will find a connection.


And avoiding the millions tax exile jp McManus has pumped into limerick


I hope to God Jim McGuiness gets the Mayo job and gives us all a chance to see what new clothes that particular emperor is wearing.


Here is me thinking I would not have a reason to go over to Willie Joe’s site, to thouraghly enjoy the comments section till at least January 2019


Even though he saw him many times on the Sunday Game.


Give it Giggseh


Alas my friend I really fear you are further away than any time since 2012 - and a good bit further away too.

Hurling Championship 2018

I have said it before but I think this year will do you good , getting every one back next year will help. Rochford needs to make the team his own, be not be beholden to past managers and over powering players.


That statement doesn’t make much sense considering they got much closer to winning last year than in 2012, or most other years since then.
They are in a situation where a good new coach and some youth brought in if handled right could give them a real shot at Sam again in two years time, or even next year if Dublin slip up.


They were absolutely blessed in the qualifiers last year and played very poorly. This year they didn’t get away with it.


With reason. Kerry were blessed in qualifiers in 2009, Tyrone in 08, there’s other examples, it’s not relevant. And as I said they need the right things to happen over the next year or two but that could happen.

Anyway you’re terrible fond of your sweeping dismissals of Mayo every so often so who am I to take that away from you.


And I’ve been right every time. Jaysus I don’t know what rattled your cage but I’ve no interest in wasting my time with you.


stop flirting with each other you two


No cage rattled, only yours it seems. I just can’t help responding to statements that don’t make sense, especially when the same thing is repeated over and over again. I should just mind my own business. Listening to the Mayo are Finished mantra for so many years now though, I supposed the stopped clock will come in to play at some stage.
Biggest issue for them is the loss of Buckley and McEntee, very hard to replace.


That’s why I don’t reply to yours. :wink:

Mayo have not won Sam. My stopped clock has been 100% right.


Again, statement made no sense. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt that you meant to say “before 2012”
They’re clearly further away now than the last two years, if that’s what you meant. But they were somewhat closer the last two years than in 15 back to 13.
They have a deal of work to do to get back to the higher level and it depends on some huge decisions now. But they needed a clear out of sorts and will still have the nucleus of a really good team.