Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Mayo did what Galway did back in around 2012-2014, throw in 15. It changed when Rochford took over.


The approach is not the issue - they won’t win it because their current players are simply not good enough. A lot on here don’t seem to grasp that if the players are not good enough (eg Tyrone also) then it doesn’t give a sh1t how long or hard you train for, how early/late you peak, or what you eat, drink etc, etc.


It sure does help, but the most skillful teams don’t always win that’s were the attitude and fitness can make the difference.


Of course to a certain extent. But it won’t make the difference in the case of the current Galway or Tyrone teams. Nothing wrong with Tyrone’s fitness or attitude - Dublin have simply better players.


And that worked for the Yerras in 2009. :sob:


Would agree most serious players probably dont stop with eating right and training it becomes a habit. Probably easier on the body as would says to be at 80% off season and at the beginning of the league only to ramp it up as things get going. I’d say its better health wise than years ago lads going mad on the drink and starting back a few stone over weight and not having trained since being knocked out in last championship game.

In reality with Mayo they have a very good team, that team is getting collectively older and the flaws in their team have never been addressed. As pointed out Full back/ keeper shaky under high ball with keeper poor distribution. Lack of reliable scoring forwards and lapses in discipline at vital times. Don’t think Horan will throw the baby out with the bath water but will have to blood new talent if the are realistic of building again over the next 3-4 years.


Well yeah only a small minority of us are normal…the rest of us are lunatics.

I agree though it’s not curses etc but mistakes made in games that have cost us. I honestly challenge you to come over here and debate Mayo football with locals and they will lost reasons why we didn’t win and most will be of our own makings…

We don’t want pity…we want all Ireland’s.


Lads lads…I can assure you “peaking” has got nothing to do with it. Training may be altered for different players and the team as a whole for different stages of the year but no team goes out to play at 70% etc and say sure we will peak in August…it’s a catchphrase invented by the media and fans alike


I think you misunderstand the ‘science behind it’. It’s not that players play at 70% but rather that their training is tailored so that they are not fit enough or geared up to go at 100% of their optimal level, Basically they go flat out each game but the training is structured so that they are in better shape at a particular, later stage of the year.

I know, I know. Sounds like bollocks as I type it. Al swears by it.


But it must be true. This discussion goes way back to when teams and coaches stopped going hell for leather from the first game of the championship, in the early years of the qualifiers/back door.


Give over Pillar.


Them boys are barred from the blog. No realism allowed.


Take it from someone who constantly peaks too soon … it’s difficult (not hard) to get it right …


It’s not when you peak it’s how long you can last at the peak :wink:


Is that a reek peak if yer from Mayo? :volcano:


Stand up there Lizard, boy! Now march down the back of the class with you and go and face into the corner! (of The Hill)


Just watched the club final there.

Poor enough game and Ballintubber won by a point in the end with Diarmuid O Connor kicking a great point to win it.

Breaffy wasted some amount of ball and Hennelly kicked 4 poor frees in the first half. Then Aido tried one out near the side line in injury time and kicked it wide :see_no_evil:.
Conor O Shea had an easy chance to level it at the death but didn’t convert.

Best player on the pitch for last 20 mins was Alan Dillon, he won some amount of breaks and got on some ball and controlled the game when needed


Poor game. O Connors were good. Madness AOS attempting to take that free at the end…


Should have went short and worked it in but it was madness attempting it from there


Thinks he’s better than he is .