Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


He seems like a nice enough bloke but I’m not sure about the unlucky tag. He got a fair few things wrong too.


True but all manager get things wrong…it’s a fine line between victory and defeat. When you win you can do no wrong and when you loose your a clown.


Yeah, but there was a pattern with SR that could not be put down to falling on the wrong side of a fine line in an AI final.

  • 3 straight years of needing a result on the last day of the league to avoid relegation. (Horan got ye to a league semi final and final, so you can’t play the “we have a small panel and half of them are in Dublin” card.)

  • 3 straight years of losing to Galway in Connacht.

  • 3 straight years of piss poor performances in the qualifers, that finally caught up with you this year.

Given his track record, I have no idea why he would be an attractive coaching prospect to another county with genuine AI ambitions. Yeah, he got Mayo to 2 AI finals, but they were far from impressive getting there.


He’s not, it’s Donegal he’s going to


Now, now, be nice.


no one cares how you get there as long as you get there - Mayo had to peak in August and September - yes they skated thin ice in the qualifiers in those years - but if they went out hammering teams in the qualifiers , they wouldn’t have got past the semi finals.


Yes, but the fact that they were even in the qualifiers in the first place has to be laid at his door too.They were a busted flush before the ball was even thrown in at Newbridge.


Exactly…Galway limped over the line in 1998 against Leitrim and just about beat Roscommon after a replay…nobody remembers…

Also isn’t it more entrrtaining for fans (neutrals) at least to watch cliff hanger games? Watching Dublin steamroll everyone if fun for dubs but boring for the rest of the county…in years though nobody will remember those hammering along the way just that you won Sam.


While I agree about the entertainment for neutrals I’d rather watch great football and see a team perform to most of their potential most of the time. Whether it’s my team or not.
Also I do think that keeping to a certain standard throughout the year was a very important factor for us.
And remember, most of the league games were close battles, as were most of the All Ire semifinals and all the finals bar this year which itself was a good contest overall. And those are the games that most neutral people are really interested in.
Mayo was indeed great drama under Rochford. But overall standard was disappointing.


Interesting move for him, and for Donegal. Says a lot about the self-confidence and ambition of Bonnar and his team.

About Rochford being mocked while at Mayo. Easily mocked as what he tried usually didn’t come off but he also had the stones to try it.


I can live with that lol

Rochford very clearly had a plan which was all about peaking in September but that risked careering off the motorway and onto the back roads and when it did Mayo managed to get through twice but three times was pushing it. Look at what they did to Roscommon second time out last year, they would have gone to town on Galway had they met in croke park this year.
That plan also made allowances for the “Dublin contingent” integrating and being up to speed for croke park.
That’s why I think it’ll be back to traditional Connaught first next year. The rochford idea was a good one but too risky.


Not wishing to offend, but seriously is there any reason or logic to that statement.


That they’d be banjaxed?


Seems when you discuss mayo on this site you have to leave football outside the door and focus on hyperbole


None taken.
They peaked fitness wise for the semi final stages. If they were fitter earlier they would have hammered Derry cork etc but be beaten. Found it more noticeable with super 8s this year that teams didn’t want to show their hand tactics wise until they had to, mayo shuffled along and you learned very little on how to beat them.


Would really have to disagree with that analysis and I’m not using hindsight. You can look back over my posts on this site regarding mayo football. When you talk about struggling through games to peak for a semi final - why? Look at Galway, capable of storming through the league getting to league final and then going through champo only to lose in semi to eventual winners.


I agree with @Nappertandy on this. There is a lot of nonsense made of this ‘peaking too early’ etc - never mind about showing your hand tactically. Serious teams do not go off on the piss for the winter any more. There are no peaks and troughs like the old days - probably not great for the body. Dublin players probably retain 80+% fitness throughout the year with a view to hitting top gear in Aug/Sept. They have won many Leagues at this level. Tyrone never drop their levels - right from the McKenna Cup. They made a final and semi in the last two years.

There is no reason why Mayo couldn’t or shouldn’t do similar. Instead they struggle through the League and then are well short of the pace in early Champo. Why should Galway be ahead of them fitness wise in early Connacht? Did it stop Galway teaching a semi final? It takes a fair bit of work, sacrifice and personal discipline to maintain the levels of fitness constantly. The Dublin lads do it. Maybe the Mayo lads don’t want to which is of course their prerogative.


Why is it when we discuss other counties they live and die on the merits of their football, yet when it comes to mayo it’s a never ending merry go round of excuses and victim hood. I accept this possibly upsets the minority of mayo supporters who are normal, but overall the responsibility for the victims tag lays within the county. Until they hold themselves to the same honest accountability that every other county is capable of, they will continue to require buckets of luck going forward.


'Zactly. To win Connacht, you have to win one semi serious game against Galway. That’s all. It’s not like Ulster where you might have to beat all 3 of Donegal, Tyrone, Monaghan etc to win the province.

All this talk of ‘peaking’ is a bit much imo, when we’re talking about winning one game in May, not the entire squads ability to run a marathon in under 2 hours. Horan’s teams were able to do it without much bother & go on to make 2 AI semifinals & 2 finals. Rochford inability or unwillingness to win Connacht even once, paints him in a very poor coaching light imo, in light of the long, hard slog they then faced into year in and year out, just to make it to August, never mind an AI final.


Ah now , you can’t compare Mayo’s recent run to Galway’s run last year – Galway had no realistic aspiration to get to and win an all-Ireland final – To me they had two objectives – Stay in Div. 1 (similar to Roscommon about 3/4 years ago) and beat Mayo in the championship. Both achieved. They started strong in the league and to be fair kept it going. When it mattered against Monaghan – it fell apart, against Dublin we let them run themselves into the ground then picked them off. Same approach will not win Galway an all-Ireland in the coming years.

Mayo in the last 15 or so years have one big game a year in them – it’s generally been a semi-final and then they go off and get well beaten in the final.

With Rochford’s approach - Mayo have never come closer to winning an all-Ireland, at the end of the day winning an all-Ireland is all that matters at this stage – With that approach all the eggs were put into the one basket with the current crop of players.

That approach will no longer work with this bunch of players so Horan is going to have to come back to basics.