Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


What did ■■■ do … need I ask. Was he punished?


Ah just his usual mouthing at the ref. Really wish he would cut it out and get down to concentrating on his game because it has slipped over the past 2 seasons.

Hoping Horan will get him back to where he needs to be.


Be nice to see new winners anyway. Breaffy have never won the Moclair Cup and after the tragic death of their player David Gavin in Canada it really would be nice to see them win it.


Third time lucky maybe. Be nice to see Aido get a winners medal. Is final next Sunday?


Horan will have better handle on discipline especially the O’Connors who are from same club as him. When he left Mayo discipline went downhill under Holmes& Connelly and Rochford. Red/black cards cost them in big games in recent years.


Agree…Vaughan’s madness last year after Dublin we’re already reduced to 14. Who knows if he stayed in the field.

Horan runs a tight ship. Interesting to hear him speak about our poor home record and improving it. He also marked attempting to win back the Connacht title as a starting point.


How will Mayo/Horan treat the league? Look to maintain Div 1 status and be happy with that?


You’d imagine so. Never came close to winning it when he was in charge, so you’d imagine it’ll be more of the same. Did we play them in the semi finals in 2013 or 2014? Think that’s been the sum total of their league success in recent years.


Stay up but give more younger/new players a shout.


We beat them in league semi in 2013.Jason Whelan got a goal that day. Horan got them to league final in 2012 which they lost to Cork.


Is Keith Higgins in another Mayo hurling final with Ballyhaunis?


For a lad who can find the most obscure facts a simple Google search would have thrown this up for you :thinking:

He lost and was red carded.


I was kind of directing the question at Mayoman though.


Kind of? I am gonna add two letters to your name and rename you Oh man …


You need to include an @ symbol infront of his username like so @mayoman if you want to get his attention.





I will PISS myself laughing if Donegal beat Mayo next year so. And they just might, if they have a fit McBrearty back.


I can picture it. “And it looks like Donegal dropping their keeper for the replay was a masterstroke Marty”


Rochford must have been offered big bucks to make the long treck up to Donegal as a coach.

Young family and a demanding day job. Apparently he turned down the Rossies. I wish him well and he was terribly unlucky…hope he doesent come back to haunt us.

Funny to hear many laud him as a great coup for Donegal but seemed to be mocked when with Mayo


He is apparently a great number 2 but couldn’t translate that to top role so could be a great selection.