Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


The guy is just 25 - isn’t that amazing. Best to come please God!


Was watching 2o15 final , he has physically developed so much even in 3 years


Mayo. . . the Tottenham of the GAA


By the way, nobody has answered the main question for a while, where now for Mayo? Are they still in the west or planning to move north?


Apparently we have fallen of a cliff and broken away from Ireland. Hoping the tides drift us south towards warmer climates.


Jesus no…


Ah Jaysus if only that could hsppen to Kerry.


Warmer climates like Cork?


Thinking more the Canary Islands as I look out here at the Atlantic Ocean in West mayo and it’s teaming rain


Always a wonderful sight regardless of the weather.


Sez the man who lives in feckin’ Spain. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Next parish over is New York


Watched the extra time there of the replay.

Castlebar beaten but referee gave them every chance to get a leveller at the end.


Yup…was hoping for another draw. I can see why people don’t like ■■■…elbows


Northern Canada actually. New York is across from Lisbon.


Depends how you look at the curve on the earth


Diarmuid O Connor was immense. He is a fantastic footballer


He’s been brilliant all championship and some engine on him, he needs to be played in the middle of the park for Mayo.

His brother is something else though and is losing respect all the time. He needs to cut out the Shite because he’s no where near the player he once was.

Poor old Vaughan still on the look out for a county title :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Word is Cillian won’t be captain next year.


Cillian really is a very nasty boy. Hope Breaffy win final.