Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Yes he is. But we are not allowed to say that on this thread. This thread is for mayo and mayo only.


Fento is the best footballer of any generation.


I watched it live on the Mayo TV and the camera was on the stand side and he was right in front of the camera at the end.

He soon realised his maths error :joy:


Just thinking about Horan’s appointment again today as bizarrely Aido has made it on the radio already -

. Horan won’t do it but the sooner he eliminates Aidan o Shea from his vice captain role the better and get Aidan back to kicking and soloing a football

If I were Horan I’d also ask Cillian o Connor politely to give one last speech and swiftly step down as captain and focus solely on his own game .

I’m pretty sure Horan won’t do either of the above


The more I think of it the more I feel Horan/Mayo can benefit from the dropping of expectations since his first term, and that the apointment made more sense than either a completely new, inexperienced guy with too much pressure on him, or a huge name coach who would bring unreal expectations.


i heard he was on OTB all right, i caught their “we all need mayo to come back” and “mayo are the only team to get close to dublin” lines, which TBF is true. Close, but no cigar. The head to head record since 2012 is overwhelmingly in our favour.


They need to get over that…

Gavins record against Mayo in League and Championship since 2013 is

Dublin won 10
Drew 3
Mayo won 0

Quite frankly from a Mayo perspective that is a desperately bad record


I don’t know how they can call it a rivalry with that record. That is atrocious reading.


No argument but Mayo have only one real goal, to win an All I Snr. It wouldn’t have taken alot to get from the results of 16, and 17 to that. So the point really is, how much does the end justify the means? By which I mean they’ve sacrificed alot of stuff that every other team see as important as a way of trying to have everything going into winning a final, with maybe a semifinal coming into it if they had to play Dublin or (when they were better) Kerry.
Apart from the damage that may have done them overall, it also means they can’t really afford to have to overcome two massive games at full intensity.


It’s obvious that rochford put everything into winning the all Ireland in the way he would structure the year but the flaw was that it left them open to an early loss and a trudge through the backdoor which probably cost them in the end. Maybe that was why he was got rid of. Horan will not repeat that, they will aim for league and Connaught titles and then see what happens.


He’ll have them brushing their teeth with their weak hand…All Ireland glory only a stones throw away.

Seriously though they have a major disadvantage over Dublin and Kerry, during the good years they steamrolled over Galway and Roscommon. Now Connaught is much improved the have to peak a lot earlier to go the direct route or the back door in hazardous for an older team even before they make the super 8’s. Reckon Horan has to blood a lot of the U20’s if he has a 4-5 year development aim, therefore could easily see them slip out of Div 1 this year and if he can weather the flak Div 2 may be a good place to build from for 2020.


Galway is much improved tbf but I would say Mayo would have beat them in croke park this year had they got that far. Galway’s big chance against Mayo was always early doors and they trained accordingly and still only just won.


Sure didn’t we have a rivalry with kerry leading up the '11 final . Id say it was alot worse than that !


Again I see people (not here) saying “bottlers” “give up” “yer never gonna win it” I do wonder at the mentality of some people and it probably reflects their own lives in giving up and not trying.

Aim high and all that. People want mayo players and fans to say ah sure we will aim for a Connacht and anything after that is a bonus…a day out in Croker would be great…ffs that was the mentality years ago.


No thats wasn’t a rivalry that was a loveless marriage. We won ■■■■ all against Kerry.


That’s a present day thing now - if you contest something and don’t win you are now a bottler - doesn’t matter .

Its a cheap shot as far as i’m concerned.


Tell them to go and shite.


I actually think Horan’s appointment puts more pressure on Mayo - some fans will expect nothing less than Sam now.


See post above yours!!!