Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


To say Mayo were really nowhere before he came along is not accurate, they have been consistently around for a long time, losing All Ireland finals in 2004 and 2006, there was a bit of a lull between 2006 and 2010 when he came in, but traditionally they have been up there.
I reckon it all depends on if the players are there or not, it is clear to me that without a good few changes the team that made final in 2017 would not have the legs to win an All Ireland, they put up a good show in 2017 in the final, but outside of the final they struggled big time and were fortunate to come through the back door, I say fortunate because I felt they rode their luck rather than deservedly won close games and that has nothing to do with planning, last year they were in similar shape and got found out, hard to see how the same lads can turn back time and do a U turn on that.


They came from nowhere is accurate and tradition is a load of shite and something the press love as it never won anything.

Before he came in they had lost to Sligo in Connacht and then Longford beat them in the next round of qualifiers and they were a laughing stock.

The following year he came in and won them Connacht, knocked the All Ireland champions out in the 1/4 final and lost to Kerry in the semi final.

The following year 2012 they knocked the All Ireland champions Dublin out and got caught by Donegal in the first 10 minutes of that final.

He’s going to get more out of Mayo than Rochford has of late and I feel he has learnt from his own mistakes and with the confidence he seems to have in his and the teams ability I think they could challenge in 2019


They were in an All Ireland final in 2006 and a good few players were still around in 20012, as I said there was a lull, but if you take over a team that had been in an All Ireland final four years earlier and a good few players are still around, IMO you are not coming from nowhere, .
I don’t disagree that he is not capable of doing a better job than Rochford, but Mayo’s form over the last 2 years , outside of a big performance in an All Ireland final, suggests that the current side are in decline and the question is are the players out there to come in.


That’s it for me too. Would never totally write them off but unless we see 5/6 good new faces I can’t see them being genuine challengers.


How do you feel he has learned? How has he proven that? Genuine question.


Yeh, surely thats yet to be seen.


Two players that started the final in 2006 started the game against Kerry in 2011 and two others came off the bench so it’s not true that he inherited a team that were still around. That 2006 side was an oldish side too.


Sometimes stepping away from things after being deeply involved and looking at things differently and how others do things you learn more.

He seems to be taking a leaf from Jim Gavins book and getting as much support around him as possible and people that are experts in their field and trust them them to do their own individual jobs which will let him and his other coaches look after the on field stuff.
He hasn’t proven it yet but he did very well with a very good Westport side this year and were unlucky to lose to Breaffy I thought.

If he can get a squeeze out of the players and draft in a few younger ones than they can be a top 3 side next year but nobody got close to challenging us this year so I can’t see that changing much in 12 months.


Clake, Dillon and Higgins all started both the 2006 and 2012 finals, Barry Moran started in 2012 and came off the bench in 2006, Andy Moran would have done likewise had he not been injured in the quarter final in 2012, that is five lads with All Ireland final experience, I accept your point that they were not in good shape in the years before he came in, but there were a handful of lads with big match experienece. A lot of teams start All Ireland finals with a team full of lads that have never been in a final, Tyrone only had Cavanagh this year, in 2011 we had nobody.


They did win the All Ireland intermediate title last year. They had a couple of very light and young lads (doing the Leaving last Summer I think) - serious pace. Be interesting to see if they can make that step up.


I thought he did that last time around also. Surrounded himself with really good people ( even Kieran Shannon as Sports physiologist ) – The difference last time was that Horan was found wanting tactically at. times when the games were in play. Gavin ( with Darcy and Sherlock in support) generally make the right calls during the game… Remains to be seen if Horan and his new right hand men are better at that this time around. As I mentioned before, I think he’s the right person for Mayo. Injuries permitting they should be back in contention over the next couple of years.


Yeah they did but Horan wasn’t the manager of that side but they he did win division 2 league this year.

Corner forward Colm Moran is a very good player but they had 2 lads make the 20’s team of the championship this year


mayo may get a handy win over new york and the hype train will be astartin all over again. i still feel they will get to the all ireland semi final next year.


Getting to a semi final will suffice plus if we did get to that stage it would be hardly be a shock to sneak a win either . Look there are lads especially from Westport team making strides youd look at the likes of colm Moran and think fook me he’s good enough to be county but like someone pointed out above look at mossey Quinn , every time I see him play I think surely he’s county standard still. Did he retire prematurely , what age was he ?


Mossy’s lack of pace was always an issue, more then age was really. He was probably only 30 or 31 when he retired from the county, but his time on the field was limited enough in his last year (mind you he did put the ball into the Wexford square that the OG came from, that got us out of a very sticky game that year).

Talking of Vincents corner forwards, I just noticed recently that when O Carroll was concussed in the 2013 final, it came from a shoulder on Enda Varley. Varley got up and played away, he must be a tough little fecker…


Nobody will get carried away over a win in NY but sure we will have great Craic over there.

All I hear from outside the county is “yer finished” “ye missed the boat” “ye will fall of a cliff” maybe they are right but I’ve been hearing that for years but we keep challenging…yes are lapse years here and there but people forget we are also the longest serving team in division 1.

Football is religion in mayo and the positive attitude of players and fans is a good thing


I would give Mayo absolutely every chance of being a force next year. Mayo is very large county, addicted to football. There are plenty of players coming through and Horan knows his stuff. The break will have done them good and they are not exactly old men. At least they go for it. Galway came up, played with fear and got hammered. If Mayo get their preparations right and find one or two forwards who will play without fear and know where the posts are, I’d give them a better chance than Galway, Tyrone, Donegal and possibly Kerry, in 2019.


Agree with this, Galway might beat Mayo recently but as a Dublin fan I know who I’d rather play against.

Mayo backs as good as anyone. Keegan maybe best footballer of his generation. Horan no eejit.

Hope people saw TG4 last night, Diarmuid o Connor not great with the maths it appears.


Mossy is 37.


Brian Fenton is the best player of his generation