Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


While your making bold predictions like that any chance you could fire me over the Euro Million lottery numbers? :grin:


As bold as those who say Mayo will never win an all Ireland.


I would never say never.

Horan got very close but the 2019 team will be nowhere near the 2012-2013 vintage because many are now vintage. IMO there is a fairly big rebuild job required and U20 lads and maybe a few club ‘finds’ will be required.


Now now… I never said you wouldn’t win an All Ireland, lets not distort things here. Dont be sensitive, its only Monday.


Except finding or producing a couple of fully functioning forwards . There’s no conveyor belt like Dublin or Kerry coming through . He’s probably playing some long game in the desperation we go into decline . And during that time his team ages . I’d say if you looked at both Mayo & Galway in regards to age profile , Galway would probably have a better chance of landing the big one .


We have a ready made successor in Kerry. They will dominate well into the '20’s


I watched the Mayo semi finals over the weekend and have seen a good few games to date so far and the youngest O’Shea is playing very well for Breaffy and so is Diamuird O’Connor who’s been excellent in midfield and one of the best players on show of all teams.
If Horan can put manners on him and keep him disciplined he could be excellent for Mayo as he’s shown glimpses of it and was their best player for them against Kildare.

Horan did an interview during half time in the 2nd game and he spoke very well and is setting up trials over the next while.I think he will do a decent job with them and maybe he’s learnt from his previous mistakes on the line


I also believe he might be a lot more tactically astute now. Any manager worth his salt learns from his mistakes* and Horan is a smart guy. I think he’ll have picked up loads from fellow analysts on sky. Will it be enough to get Mayo to the promised land? Only time will tell.

*I know, I know, “He must be a genius by now, etc.”


■■■■ that we better pray Jim McGuinness doesn’t make a comeback.


The Dublin County Board pay McGuinness not to return to management. Pays more than his Sky gig. I wonder if the Pug Lover is aware of that fact?


He is too busy pug loving.


I was at that second game. Diarmuid very good. Vaughan very powerful too with his running game many club players find it tough against him. Quality overall though was poor. Matthew Ruane done well for Breaffy at midfield.


Mossy Quinn still stands out at club level. Eamon Fennell too. Intercounty is a different matter entirely.


Saw Peader Gardiner in action for Crossmolina recently, at 38, he ran the show. Sadly they got relegated over the weekend which is a big fall for a club that won the All Ireland in 2001.


That’s Ciaran McDonald’s club - he’s hardly still playing? Saw them play Na Fianna in the All Ireland semi the year before in Longford.


Yes it is. MacDonald is not playing anymore




I always find ‘I cannot understand’ a strange expression. The real answer to that is ‘well try harder then’. But the vagaries of the English language aside, I say it because talent is only part of the equation, having a manager with the confidence to do what needs to be done to win is as important. Horan has three or four years worth of brownie points built up before people will call for his head and that gives him time to plan and do things properly.

He showed the last time that he has the ability to move teams up the ladder, Mayo were nowhere really before he came along. Mayo maybe don’t have super stars, but they have enough talent to work with. And very few teams are considered to have serious footballers until they win an All Ireland and then they are all great. It is a chicken and egg thing a lot of the time.

2018 aside Mayo have been very close to Dublin. That is not an unbridgeable gap by any means, and that is assuming that Dublin stay at the same level, which is nearly an impossible task.


We don’t live in Tir Na nOg though …


There seems to be a line taken that Mayo cannot possibly be considered challengers for next year because of age profile , maybe it’s a valid one but I’m not convinced .

Colm Boyle, Higgins, Barrett and Andy possibly dropping into the impact subs . With seamie another one who is hitting that landmark too. Might turn out to be decent subs though .

We have Harrison, o donghue, paddy Duncan replacing the defenders , Conor loftus replacing Andy . And a whole lot of lads to be given a league run this year and from what I’m hearing it’s going to happen. Lambert, oisin mgloughlin, colm Moran etc .

Target a Connacht title and take it from there .

Btw Galway are shite