Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Thank God for no typos …


But he has been taking notes. Lots of them. And he is football mad. Surely that should keep sphysious Boulder at the top of that hill…? No?


All depends on what made him go all wobbly at the knees, I s’poze. :thinking:


Ah but it was the lighter green jerseys that swung it.


Well, I suppose at least that shows his nose isn’t out of joint with Horan emerging back into the frame. Still seems a bit odd to have put his name forward & then gone into reverse on it. Maybe he was convinced to stay with the u20’s thus allowing a smooth path for Horan, seeing as there’s been enough boat-rocking with the non-continuation of Rochford for one reason or another.

We’ve all heard that Horan’s relationship with the county board wasn’t all plain sailing all of the time the last time around. Are the same figures from Horan’s first stint still in position in the county board?


Fixed that for you.


Lol…not even Boris Johnson, or the Heraclitus dude could say it better. :rofl:


I can’t comment on the other coaches but Horan was heavily dependent on Donie Buckley for training and coming up with defensive setups etc . And he’s now gone to Kerry .

Horan is good in getting his team to believe in themselves so he may be the best manager for them but for me games were on the brink, I thought Horan struggled tactically in the 2014 replay where he really was found wanting. Maybe he’s learnt more since then , we’ll find out- he’s certainly a sharp operator

First thing he should do @mayoman is strip Cillian and Aidan from their captain and vice captain roles immediately and harshly - those guys need to go back to basics.


Horan only had Buckley for one year Though.
Cian O Neill was there under Horan before that.

Agree on captaincy though. Does not suit O Connor. Boyle or Keegan much better captain material


Keegan would make a great captain.


Buckley was there in 2013 and 2014 . O’Neill went to Kerry in 2013 …


I think the length of Horan’s contract is very interesting. 4 years suggests an overhaul will take place. He really doesn’t strike me as the type to get rid of the O Sheas and the O Connors of the team.

I’m sure he had a very handy number with sky so I’ve respect for him getting back into the management end of it, but I genuinely don’t see him as any better a manager than Rochford. Tactically he’s got it wrong on a handful of occasions. He’s been poor at reacting to in game situations such as Higgins on EOG 2013 and Cafferkey on Donaghy 2014.

Interesting to see how it all pans out.


Guided Mayo to two All Ireland final defeats, as per the Irish Times. I doubt Jim Gavin is losing sleep.


You reckon ■■■ and AOS should be dropped from the Mayo panel altogether ?


He really would.

Has more captaincy qualities in his little finger, than Aido & Captain Elbows put together. We may hate his guts when he’s playing Dublin, but you can’t but respect him.

Totally different story with CO’C. Beyond bizarre to give the captaincy to a 22/23 year old, just because he takes all the frees & mouths off to the ref non stop. Keegan, Boyle, Higgins, would be much better choices imo.


I don’t hate him totally respect him. I think he is brilliant.


Hated some of the shit he got away with, or perhaps more so that he was lauded around the nation for what he did, with a complete blind eye to the blatant dark arts that the same people were constantly trying to point out about some Dublin players who weren’t doing as much, as bad, or as blatant as Keegan.

Hated the fact that instead of watching two of the greatest, most exciting players in the country showcase their abilities to entertain and thrill in the best games, we got games where alot of the time was spent on pulling, dragging, holding etc etc, followed by loads of boring ‘controversy’ talk.


No not saying that. More that he doesn’t strike me as the type to change their central role to the team. Both well worth their place on the squad obviously, but when do you ever see either subbed when they’re struggling? No manager has taken them off in a big game when they’re underperforming and I don’t see that changing under Horan


Horan will win Mayo an All Ireland I am fairly sure. He took them up a lot of levels when he took over last time, he doesn’t have to do as much this time. He has that big name factor too that will get him any support he asks for from the county board. He will have to bring in new players, that seems a pre-requisite for getting the job (based on the county chairman’s comments a few months ago), so it might take him a year or two to get going. There is also the danger that Kerry will come really good, or Dublin will continue to be good, but they can do it. They need a sort of a ‘gap year’ in other teams form to get there, 2014 was a real chance for them, but the odds are it will happen.


I cannot understand why anyone would say this. I think Mayo are miles away and badly need fresh talent none of which appears to be there.