Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Think Mayo have missed a trick here, Horan is grand, but couldn’t get them over the line when there was more of a chance then now. I also think he’s quite close with some of the older players, and the O’Sheas / O’Connors and that can create a bad atmosphere. He will probably rely on the old guard, cant see him looking to blood youth


Wouldnt imagine he’ll be playing much next year?


So no Mike Solan in the senior management team, which makes you wonder why did he allow his name to be withdrawn?


First I heard of it was today. No idea what his role is as he is still working in BAC!

In fairness to James, he has been an incredible player for us. He arrived in Dublin at 17 years of age in Pats college and befriended Eoin Dolan, they became thick as thieves and he joined us. He has been a fabulous player for us, and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all he’s done for us. He owes us nothing, we owe him a shed load of gratitude. IF he is gone, then we will bid him a very fond farewell. A gent and a great baller. As we used to say. Maith an fearr!


He’s going to be looking after the training for the Dublin based players apparently. Maybe he’ll be trying to rent Pairc Ciceam every Tue and Thu evening! :sunglasses:


No room for another team on those evenings. Thankfully!


Mike staying as Mayo u20 manager. Will be a future senior boss no doubt.

Burke as mentioned will be training the Dublin based players as for the first few months Mayo basically have the team split for training sessions.

Horan won’t allow Friendship to get in the way of what needs to be done.

I was reading some rather amusing comments from Galway, Tyrone etc online by people claiming we are finished and have no talent coming through…I never knew Mayo club and underage games were so well attended from those outside :slight_smile:


Well ye’ve been hiding them well if they’re there. But let’s see if Horan brings a new broom.


Interesting that Little Jimmy gets a four year terms while down in the Kingdom Keane gets 2. I’d be a lot more fearful of Keanes appointment than Horan. I think Kerry will be a huge threat next year.


The postman who delivers in that part of Kerry said Keane can only have two years as the hate mail becomes too heavy after that and he would need a new bike.


We should all say a prayer for Little Jimmy’s bank manager and the Off The Boil Talent (ahem :roll_eyes: ) booker.

They’re the real losers in all this.


Poor lads at off the ball-bag. Who now from mayo will they call on to discuss the greatest sports story of this decade? Who? Cora? Billie Joe? The old reliable David Brady? AOS? Who ProudDub who? Who will fill that gap? The frequency of his appearances… he was like multiple man form Marvel, here there everywhere. GRU Gilroy and his fellow Kildare presenters and the token Kerry fella are heartbroken.


Never fear, he’ll still do both. And probably teach in school as well.


I think they’ve thrown the towel up & given up. If they can’t talk Mayo, all day, everyday, they’ve decided to just talk to each other. About fatherhood.

Only a matter of time before David Brady and Little Jimmy show up on this too mind you. :roll_eyes:


What a shower of W:anchor:s … can’t understand why anyone would listen to that sh1t … ever


I believe of the balls first gaa roadshow next year is live from NYC for our championship opener so plenty for ye to look forward to :wink:


NY should be given a home game against a county drawn from the other 31 counties and that game forms part of whatever Provincial championship the other county is from.

Sorry for going off topic.


Tough fixture for mayo shure lookit the population and resources New York have …


And London?


Meanwhile the Wonderful World Of Willie is the gift that just keeps on giving…

" I can’t help but go slightly wobbly at the knees when recalling the best days we enjoyed during James Horan’s first tenure. Clocking Cork in 2011. That heart-in-mouth win over Dublin in 2012. The evisceration of Galway the following year, followed by the defenestration of Donegal later that summer. The brave and brilliant second half fightback in the drawn game against Kerry in 2014.

At the risk of going all Boris Johnson at this juncture, however, I think it’s time for a Greek philosophy quote. From the lad Heraclitus, no less, who stated:

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.

In welcoming back James Horan into the manager’s position, then, we need to bear in mind time’s passage and the impossibility of retracing the same steps in the same way."

Between fenestrating Greek philosophers and cleaning Langers clocks, he’ll keep us royally entertained between now and then…