Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Having a post match beer with him would be great craic.


Oh I’ve had a few with him…since all these videos went up he has become a celeb


What type of weasel records someone like that secretly and posts it online trying to make an eejit of him?


Is it being done secretly still? Videos of him have been doing the rounds for ages. Surely he must know by now he’s being filmed?


Totally agree and the irony is the man was a better footballer than any of the weasels ever were. And although he let’s emotion take over he actually knows his stuff IMO.


Seems to be a very passionate man. Makes a lot of sense in what he’s saying too


Definitely doesn’t look aware of it. On that persons Twitter there’s several videos of him. One in a takeaway where he’s definitely being recorded secretly. The person recording changes the angle everytime he looks towards the phone. Slievenes.


I dunno. How can you not be aware that you are ‘a viral sensation’ as the kids call it now? Would you not cop on, when total strangers are coming up to you in the street & saying you are bang on the money/full of shyte?


Maybe he is aware of the videos but does that make it right? And what is the man to do in future when he’s in his local? Insist on everyone leaving their phones behind the bar before he engages in discussion about something he clearly deeply cares about?


I’m not sure on that score but I just find it a little nasty but I realise that type of empathy is not cool these days.


There’s a lot of truth in what he’s saying. Fair play to him.


I get ya. Am not defending it. Especially if he’s being filmed having a rant, just to poke fun at him. If that is the case, he’s the one having the last laugh, as he’s made perfect sense in the last 2 videos I’ve seen of him.


Is it not against data protection law now not to let someone know you are filming and posting it on social media. The person recording could be prosecuted if they did nt inform yer man they were filming him?


Maybe he should be the next Mayo manager.


Jesus. I hope not. He’s far too good at accurately pinpointing Mayo’s weaknesses. :wink:


He knows well he is being videoed.


Jaysus lads it’s harmless stuff, not like he’s giving away state secrets or being filmed naked ffs! People like to see someone with passion. There’s both truth and humour in what he says, and a deal of drama. The whole “you’re the man with the effin Google!!” bit in one of the videos and the way he does the typing action on the bar is genuinely funny and I can’t think that it’s any sort of mockery to have it recorded. He’s clearly a man who likes to be heard! And now he really is



Strange call with Ballymuns James Burke on the ticket who has little or no experience


Especially as he’s still one of us!