Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Lets see who drops out and what they do…interesting examination of maybe whats happening in more than 1 county…I recall longford invited 60+players to trials a few years back and 40 declined offer…I doubt they all went travelling.


I tend to agree with you. I know some drop out to go travelling, but a lot just don’t fancy the need to devote their entire life to a County panel for 6 to 10 months of the year. Nobody ever suggested the Jack Mc, Mannion or ROC sulked away because it was too much effort, but players are obviously much more aware of the need for a more rounded life, and football is only part of that.
As for lads going to the states for the summer, who would blame them. Semi serious football, change of scenery and the chance to pocket quite a substantial sum for their efforts. Perfect set up especially for students or teachers who have the summer months free.


I was just talking about Roscommon & why a lot of their players in particular seem to be heading off travelling. You don’t seem to hear the same of players from Mayo, Donegal etc etc. I was wondering why that was. The issue of players not playing GAA at all, or drifting away after Minor, is a different debate entirely.


Ugh don’t remind me…we got pelted with bottles when walked back up the Main Street that evening…an unforgettable day for a young lad


Was a funny match I sat beside Maurice Sheridans fan club that day. Took my ears a long time to recover from. I didn’t notice that element and was only good nature ribbing around us. Especially the confused looks on the Mayo supporters looking at Dubs cheering for the Super Ros. As a half Rossie myself and the Dublin family and friends used to travel to all the games before kids etc came along where possible and made this redundant sadly


I remember a few dubs near me during the 1996 replay roaring mad for Mayo to beat Meath…probably wouldn’t see it these days :wink:


to be fair , you prob would


Frankie Dolan acted the maggot that day and got Ray Connelly sent off? I remember Roscommon beating Mayo after replay in 91. Derek Duggan kicked a free from 60 yards to equalise in the first game.


The definition of conflicted for a Dub is if Meath were playing The combined Hell/England starting 15, for the fate of all the souls in the world.

We’d have to think about who to support over a pint.


Population size has nothing to do with the point I’m trying to make ( badly maybe). This is a seriously talented team who as you have stated, have won a Connacht title, beating Galway ( who had beaten a Mayo team which went on to lose the AI final to us by a point),gained promotion to Division One , contested a second Connacht final and were leading by Five points at Half time before fading , and who reach the super 8s. They were poor in the super 8s and I believe they didnt have the nessecary conditioning to compete at this level and suffered demoralising heavy defeats as a result. If the conditioning is not there it calls into question the ambition, disipline and determination of the team. If they, individually and collectively look at their performance this year and see where they came up short, they should be able to work on it and come back stronger next year. But it is up to themselves.


what about cork


Something you pull out to have a drink.

I prefer mine plastic, the real bark ones are overrated.


my memory of that game was fancying some girl (of my age) who was sitting at the front of the stand and the cameras would have her in shot a lot. these days with social media it would be @dubinross posting now as she was a rossie :open_mouth:


Yes it’s a killer on them Kildare lads, if any of them actually worked that is.

I had a 2 hour commute to training from work for 12 years and that was to play junior football, God love me :wink:


If we used up all the cork in the world we’ll be screwed


12 years of junior football :flushed:…nobody deserves that life sentence…was there not even one sunny summer of intermediate or even a short 60minutes of lung bursting senior grade action to tell the grandkids


A few inter years mostly junior and that’s only my career after I left Dublin😥


Junior football is more fun these days for sure…no beer bans, blanket defenses etc…just play the game and go for pints…


Read your history


He not actually wrong on this.