Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


“The GAA spends as much promoting in UK as Dublin”… you’ll need to expand on that. Certainly open to enlightenment on it but seems odd.


WI can just see you now cheering on in CP in 2019 as vinnies go on the drive for 5. :flushed:


Me and Alan - arm in arm! :grin::grin::grin:


2017 report - dublin got 2,215,000 - take out the sports council element of a million and its 1,215,000

uk got a total of €894,000 - so about 400,000 in the difference.

I noted though that its “Britain”, Lancs, Warks and London

but you can add in “overseas” of 1,000,000 as well.

Edit -new york got 100,000 as well.


So without cross checking figures…
Dublin got €1,215,000 and UK got €894,000…
am I reading that correctly?


yes, thats what i said.

working from memory i had added in the €1m “overseas” in my earlier post, which i corrected above.


:+1:The error was forgivable…using Tommy Carr as reliable source of information is not


TBF he had said that in a good few places - radio, press ect, and he was never challenged on it.


It’s all tied up. If they were just giving up football you could argue that but they’re also emigrating which has largely nothing to do with football.


that reason pisses me off. roscommon can win connaught, they can beat mayo, they can beat galway. to be on a panel capable of doing that and walking off on the basis that its too tough to win an all ireland must disgust all those players who down the generations togged out for counties like them who were in similar situations.

I’m going to sound like an old fart, but sod it - that is a snowflake. Same lad could win a county with his club and be happy lording it over everyone in the local disco of a saturday night and riding his mates GF and drive home drunk knowing the garda will let him away because of who he is, and yet when faced with a real test he slopes away.

I’ve a 0% chance of winning a marathon, I still bust my hole training for them though.


Maybe they walked off because they thought the manager was an ass hole?


Roscommon haven’t beaten Mayo since 2001 in Championhsip. The only time in my lifetime I’ve seen them beat us and hopefully the last :wink:


I’d suspect previous generations stuck with it a bit longer because (a) the commitment in previous decades was akin to a high ranking club junior team nowadays (b) the world was alot smaller so in reality there wasn’t much else to do as playing for the county was the best gig in town


But it’s also an opportunity to be involved in something that when it’s done right is a great pursuit with alot of quality support and learning. It will still have set those lads up for going on to greater things in their life.


I’d suspect 2-3 times a week of 3-4 hour round trips for training etc takes the gloss off the “pursuit of quality support and learning” after few years.


Not an easy commute if you’re on the beer in Queens for the summer alright. Which is what you aren’t addressing. That is what the players are doing. Not giving up because they are tired of commuting from Dublin.


god love them. its still young men deciding to sulk off because a provincial title isnt worth going for in their lives. not worth the effort.


Agree 100%. I think this getting closer to the real reason.


[quote=“mayoman, post:315, topic:3884, full:true”]
Roscommon haven’t beaten Mayo since 2001 in Championhsip. The only time in my lifetime I’ve seen them beat us and hopefully the last :wink:

You mean this game :slight_smile:


maybe …“isn’t worth going for for long period of their lives”…is more apt summary…as these are guys seem to be ones who’ve probably spent 2-3 years contributing to county GAA

maybe it isn’t worth their time…(though I suspect posting back and forth is even less meaningful waste of our time :wink:) …its regional medal in amateur sport…good to see that some maybe see bigger picture.