Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


In fairness, at least his team tried to play a style of football worth watching, but they were obviously behind the top teams in terms of conditioning. I actually think he could do well with Mayo because they could implement the game plan without being muscled out of it at the back. Now that’s not to say they would win an all ireland, because their timing is bad.


McStay won’t be coming to Mayo. He might have a chance if he left McHale at home. Roscommon a real hard county to manage…they have huge opinions there that they should be challenging for Sam.

Horan back to Mayo is where my money is. PP pulled the betting


Half of the Roscommon players walked away over McStay. Who needs that kind of manager? What has he done to merit managing Mayo?


Won a club all Ireland sits fuming at the keyboard


Eaten bread is soon forgotten.


You mean cake!!


He won Connacht which is more than Rochford


With all due respect, the Dublin championship is a higher standard than Connacht.


That must be why Corofin are all ireland club champions?


I’d like to see how they would fare in Dublin. Either way, the standard of football in Connacht is not great, in my humble and personal opinion. If I am wrong, why have so few football All Irelands been won by Connacht counties?


Corofin would win Dublin championship. Best club team I’ve seen.



Rossies have very big opinion of themselves as do some of their former managers. Let Cake have the job and all the good work at minor and U21 will be long gone.


Crossmaglen ?


They should be challenging for Sam. Plenty of talent. Talent alone not enough without conditioning , discipline, ambition and determination. Players going traveling next year says it all. Run away lads. No amount of funding will bring success with that attitude .


And bate Galway & came bloody close to beating Mayo. Everyone comes close to beating Mayo mind you, so maybe its 'nowt to brag about.


Lack of “Conditioning, discipline, ambition and determination” but still won Connacht title in last 2 years and promoted to division 1 last year…with a population of 20,000 less than Tallaght and no economic hub to allow players to live locally.:roll_eyes:


Deep Down they must not believe they are good enough or can challenge though. Mind over matter.

We all enjoy traveling and summers in the US.i wouldn’t deny any lad that. I know some of our lads that travelled this summer enjoyed their first summer “off” in many years but if you asked them would they have preferred to be in Croker last Sunday…of course they would


They’ve accepted the reality that given the factors in play, counties like Roscommon cannot compete with likes of Dublin.
Unless you get once in generation player like Conor McManus to allow them to get closer for a set window. Monaghan often listed as example to other small population counties but in reality if you took this one player out, they’d be closer to the struggle like the rest. Producing a McManus is freak phenomenan not a reflection of standards across the county. Not hugely different to why 90% of clubs in Dublin can’t compete with the 5 or 6 continually successful clubs in Dublin.


I wouldn’t be so sure, but they’d be there or thereabouts. They are walking Galway, because the standard in general is shitty in the county.


They also couldn’t get close to the All-I winning teams every year in the past 20 or 30 years or more for some. Yet its only since Dublin starting winning more than one that we’re hearing the growing cacophony of famine, pestilence, and mass emigration.
You could also just call it giving up on your county and by extension your sport because you don’t like the way they organise things. Which is fair enough in some cases no doubt.