Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Marty interviewing SR the night before the final and Miriam has him on in the morning.



Madness… RTE love Mayo


It must be love.


James Horan the next Mayo Manager


Nothing more, nothing less than an All Ireland for Mayo. RTE will be a house of fun when they do win it


Don’t rule out Tommy Lyons!!


They were not better, they didn’t have the forwards either of those teams had. However on an off day (2016) they had a real chance and we were steeped that day with those two goals. If ever there was a curse that was it.


Spot on with most of that. Yis were poor enough in 15 and only got that draw with divine intervention from Dublin Joe. That’s why I can’t understand Dub 09s “further away than ever since 12” comment because if yis got a really good coach now who cuts dead wood and brings on some talent yis will at least be better than 15.


You really should let it go


Horan was loved so he might get it but he was clearly not quite good enough, regardless of players, as evidenced by tactics in 14. That said some headless stuff by some players also a factor in 14.
Only hope of winning for this squad now without much rebuilding is McGuinness, as I can’t see Jack O’Connor taking it unless he falls out with Kerry completely.
McStay too much baggage.


Well they are the sports story if the decade according to GRU gilroy.


Jack O Connor to let us know by Tuesday if he will take he job…heard that from a reliable source


He will do a good job I think.


Was at a gig last night where an ex mayo player nearly pissed himself at the thought!


Jack O’C probably the best choice for mayo out of anyone mentioned so far.


Let me guess. David Brady?


Jaysus no!



Says he is retiring from intercounty management so the Mayo job is his.


Just the mere 16 goals conceded in his last 4 games at Croke Park. That can’t have gone down well at his end of year review with the co board. He says they wanted him to stay on & see out the rest of his contract, but still…

A lot of the panel have apparently indicated they plan on going travelling next year too, so he probably saw the writing on the wall regarding his chances of righting the ship next year.