Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


point being, the players decide who the manager is. Most of the current squad realise they’ve probably only got one more shot at it. Hence why Rochford got the boot. No way are they gonna allow Solan come up and potentially tear up the squad a la Gilroy back in the day.

For what it’s worth I agree, they probably should be looking in the direction of a rebuild. It just won’t happen.


In my defence, that’s this pox of an auto correct that has appeared on my phone of late.


Gilroy didn’t really do that until his second year in charge. His team that was butchered by Kerry in 2009 was basically Pillars.


Yep, true. I remember it well. Point being, Dublin players have never been in charge of who manages them, while this Mayo team have proved to be over and over again. They’re hardly going to give Rochford the boot and ask for Solan,who’s likely to give a lot of them the chop, are they?


Evan Regan would be decent forward too if got a full league campaign. Conor Loftus needs more games as well.


Both have had plenty of chances but are remarkably consistent in their inconsistency …


They have had chances but as Stato said they need to be given a full league campaign, and if possible plenty of championship football too before they can be judged. giving someone two games in the league and then 10 minutes a few months later in a championship game isn’t going to develop players.
The strength of our bench is frequently praised/lamented (depending on who is talking), but very few of these so called experts will mention the courage of Gavin in giving these players their chance. who among them would have persisted with Scully last year whan a multiple all star and all Ireland winner like Flynn was available. Same goes for the likes of Con and Howard getting an extended run when the likes of Andrews or Kev Mc were an option. Same goes for the likes of Davy Byrne (Olafs) , Small and now Murchan at the back. This has been perhaps Gavins greatest achievement of all, bringing through these players seamlessly. TBH I think that’s what Mayo need, a good clear out, and this years early exit might just give the new manager licence to do what’s needed. The only questions are will they appoint someone strong enough to do it and will the Co board back him to do it.


Imo no, they won’t. the players that are there now see this as a case of once more unto the breach, dear friends. They’ll want a Horan/McGuinness to try and achieve it. And the CB will back them. GAA is a massive money making machine in Mayo, and the buzz this will create will be phenomenal for the coffers.


Agree on Loftus but not on Regan


He’d trawled the county for players with trial games before that though I think. And then again after the Kerry slaughter.

I doubt a new manager in Mayo will do that - either because he feels the current squad is close enough, or that he might not have the backing to do it. Or at least that’s the impression most have, which is in itself indicative.


Players develop at different rates but Regan doesn’t seem to have kicked on, despite getting a run of games.


What’s the latest - is McGuiness still considered a likely candidate? (I can’t see it myself.)


What chance has Conor loftus got? He showed flashes of brilliance in games he came on in last year’s championship , he was brought on with two mins on the clock in newbridge . Rochford the most magnificent bluffer of all time and a very lucky one too. Derry had us beat last year only for a miraculous wonder goal by loftus to bring us back into it and even after that Derry had a chance to win the game with a free kick at the end of normal time. Cork , Roscommon and Kerry could all say they were unfortunate not to beat us last year. So imagine for one second , Derry a what div 4 team at the time put us out last year and Kildare this year and three defeats to Galway in tenure . Hardly good stuff is it .

Management influence completely overrated in the context of this mayo era since Horan left . He did all the graft with these bucks and that was proven in 2015 when the two boys there as figure heads did sfa , team managed itself with Buckley the only real influence yet we had the dubs playing out for a draw in the dying seconds of a semi final .


That’s one way of looking at it.

Another is, if the players are managing themselves and still producing the same results perhaps they should listen to management?


Second captains had the one and only Willie Joe of the Mayo blog on - John Cilligan (? Spelling couldn’t be arsed listening back) and he’s sticking to the Mayo are now doomed line.

Ciaran Murphy helpfully suggested that aido become player manager lol


John Gunnigan .

He wears his heart on his sleeve and some Mayo supporters are concerned at present . Really ott reaction imo , Mayo teams burst out of nowhere all down through the years .

Walking out Longford in 2010 , people were coming to terms with the death of Mayo football , 12 months later we were knocking lumps out of the all Ireland champions in croke park. Mayo will always have Gaelic footballers and every so often we will have a very good team . We don’t win all Irelands but it doesn’t phase us as much as others think . I’m happy to get trips to croke park every other year or so , fook Sam Maguire at this stage , a pain in my hole listening about him all my life .


Yeah ! I know what you mean . . .




This could get very ugly - I’m sure someone on the Mayo board will be briefing the media off the record in retaliation.


In fairness what is he expecting, they publicly thanked him. I’d say that is the norm. What does he want them to do.