Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Westport a very young team. I can see them winning a county in 2/3 years and I’m sure they will be sorry to see Horan go IF he gets the Mayo job again


Honestly unsure at this point…IF Horan has evolved and learnt from past mistakes then I’d possibly pick him. He made past mistakes on the line most notably in the 13 final and 14 v Kerry but he also takes no crap, is not a yes man to the board and will bring with him a top class back room team. Possibly Mike Solan as a no2.

I see Horan being a 3/4 year project. Jim Mc would be a one year or at most 2 year project to finally push over he lines. Style of football a negative and there would be a huge circus around Mayo next year if he was in charge. If he won us an All ireland though who would care?

It’s an extremely important appointment this time around.


McGuinness will not do it in one year if at all. His game plan involves slogging players into the ground and I’m not even sure Mayo have enough of that type of player. I don’t think he’d be the right fit for Mayo at all.


I’d see it the other way around. Horan would be back for one last go with this group of players (and maybe a few new faces). He knows them, they know him. It would be tweaking things to get them over the line.

Jim McGuiness would be a 5 year plan, Great Leap Forward type of job.




The big counties should never get an outsider in. When Dublin were struggling 98-05 I heard Micko being suggested by a few . No way . Joe Kernan to Galway. 3rd most successful county taking a man from a county with 1. Pick one of your own .


When Micko was being tauted I believe Heffo was going to put himself forward to make sure that didn’t happen.


Tommy Lyons was born in Mayo wasant he ? All be it he is a dub having grew up there.


He s hardly the type of appointment I m talking about .


He was always dirty, it was just never commeneted on by TSG, Wooly, Molloy etc. Wonder why? :thinking:

People and more importantly refs have started to cop on… I don’t hate any player, biggest respect for intercounty players but byjaysus he pushes it!


I can’t believe Sloan is not a certainty… moving U21 winning manager to senior has proven to work a number of times.


Yes, he is your man for Mayo now :joy:


We have all heard the rumours Jimmy’s winning matches is getting the nod… but I think he is to much of a narcissist to take it and risk losing his God like image with some quarters.

If he goes in and fails, all his condescending articles advising many a county how to win will bite him in the arse. Would he risk it all?!

He also thinks he is above GAA managememt from what I can see too


I really like your posts MM, but please don’t mention that f*###s name in here!


please please please appoint Voldemort!

I’ll light candles.


Solan would likely bring through too many new up and coming players. The cabal (not the one on here) would never agree to it. Would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.


I know, they might actually win something if he done that!!

It does say a lot about Mayo county board with the fact they are sl*ting themselves out to Jim McG


In fairness that risk. Mayo people would accept any kind of all ireland win but the route to getting to it might be hard to watch and the fallout of failure huge.

The bravest appointment would be Sloan with the best backroom team possible. Dublin went with Gavin after u21 success and it was a great move after pat gilroy put huge honesty and deflated they hype around dublin.

There is good talent and underage players in Mayo. Major criticism of Rochford he didn’t bring enough through and horan would be too loyal to the older lads.


Big difference was Jim Gavin walked into a senior setup that had won the All Ireland and that mini famine ye had or hoodoo was over. Then the successful u21 players were gradually added.

Let’s not kid ourselves the Mayo job is pressure and the cloud of 1951 hangs over the county like a weight.


Lads the Mayo U21 manager is Michael Solan … that’s S-O-L-A-N …