Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo


Their discipline was very good under Horan. Leroy got harsh red card against Kerry in 2014.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ got a red card on injury time for kicking out at Declan O’Sullivan in the replay. Don’t think was many red cards other than that.


Have to laugh at the Mayo GAA board. All mad for Horan to return. If history was to judge and the fact he hadn’t a fooking clue that O’Gara was goosed in 2013 and he done nothing to capitalise on it… and they want him back. Good luck to them!


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Even the discipline of the 2 Ballintubber choirboys is suspect these days. Cillian has acquired himself a nice little reputation for dirt & mouthiness that he didn’t have under Horan. Refs have to be aware of that now, when deciding to blow the whistle/issue a card or not.


But doesn’t he talk a great game all the same. I’d love to see him back.


Horan would have better control on discipline. Rochford never tackled that and cost them big time. The O’Connors got away with the dirty hits for years. The hit of Paul Conroy by DOC was cowardly and sooner or later they will break someones jaw with a elbow or closed fist.


Whadaya mean sooner or later?

Rory O’Carroll spent the 2015 semifinal in the Mater, getting his eye socket put back into his face, thanks to a 5th minute encounter with Captain Elbows.


Maybe doing that analysis job for Sky has broadened Horan’s mind tactics wise. Am I right in thinking that he recently organised a coaching conference in Mayo? He’s obviously still interested in learning his trade. It’s just possible that he will have learned from his previous mistakes and come back a better manager than he was.

If I was a Mayo man I think I’d prefer him to Jim McG.


Jayus forgot about that one. How did he not get banned for that? TSG showed that at the time.


Horan might be a better coach but Mayo have slipped from where they were 2013-17, a lot due to the age profile of their top players. There is still a decent nucleus there, especially if Keegan gets a long rest this winter, Parsons makes a full recovery (I hope he does, a good player and a decent bloke, by the sound of it) and Higgins and Moran give it another year. But they need to find 2 or 3 top-notch forwards.


Horan would be the sensible choice . He knows the players and their strengths/weaknesses. A new man would probably be a 3 year plan type job. Too late for the mayo panel. Tbh it s too late for them anyway. Horan would probably keep them competitive at least.


Happened down in the corner in front of the Hill. Both players chasing the same high ball into the corner & had their backs to the ref. He probably didn’t see it. The dazed look on Rory’s face & the blood streaming from it, obviously wasn’t enough of a clue that something serious happened, but we had a birds eye view of it on the Hill. TSG didn’t highlight it later, probably because Captain Elbows was the reigning Young Footballer of The Year and ‘not that sort of player.’ :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sure he hit Dermo three digs on the ground and was only short of asking permission of the linesman.


… who would have given it …


He should of got red for third man in too.


Yup. How COCK head got away with that I’ll never know. Leonards video showed the viciousness of it.


He also knows the Westport lads who were the stand out players for their U20s side and seem the most likely to make the break through.


Westport corner forward scored 1-9 last weekend in championship. His countr part for hollymount scored 0-10, Darren Coen who was on the senior panel in 2014. Brain Teape racked up 0-8, (scores heavy in most games) another of the u21 winning class.

Talent is there and Mayo always produce good footballers but need to be given a shot. I know a good club player does not necessarily mean he is county standard but players can be nurtured and improved with he right coaching


So who would be your choice?

Jim McGuinness
James Horan
A.N. Other


Exactly. If you don’t throw them in you’ll never know. Westport had a couple of very young, light fast forwards in the inter winning team. Are they still around? Have they beefed up? Think they were only doing Leaving Cert last year.


You’d expect one, if not two, could step up to the required level.