RIP Thread


Mayor West :hushed:


Looks like there will be a fair few fatalities in London following that fire. How easily the building went up in flames will raise a few questions. Rip to all


Absolutely horrific, god loves those people. the fact that they have been questioning the safety of the building since 2013 is mental and this what happens.


The building underwent a £10m refurbishment last summer. The architects, fire consultants, building contractors, the developers/building managers and the local council will all come under massive scrutiny now.


Apparently this has a lot to do with the cladding that the fire spread so quickly?


There seems to have been no fire barriers within the building at all. Stairwells should be fire resistant allowing emergency exit of people within the building and access to firefighters to attack the blazes and help evacuate. I’m hearing of vents in doors that should be providing a barrier against the spread of smoke and flames, FFS.




He lost his seat in parliament last week.


From the BBC’s news feed on their website…

Danny Donaldson is a community leader at the Latymer Christian Centre, which is one of several centres where displaced residents have been sent. Members of the public are bringing blankets and food and Danny’s team are trying to do what they can.

He told BBC Radio 5 live reporter Lesley Ashmall that emergency supplies were welcome, but he was getting increasingly concerned about where people would sleep tonight.

“People are bringing in water, food, blankets, but… at the end of the day, they can’t sleep in here”, he said

“We haven’t seen anyone from authority here, we need someone to come and explain what’s going to happen to people who are homeless.”

Danny said he was also extremely concerned about friends who lived in the tower block: “I know a lot of people who are missing, and we are phoning around, we can’t get anything. So we are just waiting."

The Local Borough/Council is The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, a Tory-led Council. They are generally elected in the southern wards of the borough in Chelsea, etc down near the river. This disaster has happened in the Notting Dale Ward of the borough, a ward that elects Labour councillors. It’s no wonder the Tory Council haven’t bothered turning up.


Of course…


Fred Cogley “It’s high it’s over”


Rugby on RTE died when that gobshite Nugent took over from Fred


Just heard that Mel Mc Intyre from Sylvesters passed away. True gentleman and did powerful work in Syls. Any Ressers from Sylvesters please pass on condolences.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.


Former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl


Dick Warner , environmentalist and journalist , broadcaster - died , this morning , Friday 16. Remember him from the programme a long time ago about taking a trip on a barge on the canals and waterways .


Dick Warner. used to listen to his advice about where to fish on fresh water spots, a font of knowledge of fishing! RIP


On the morning of the, the, the 2013, 2015 …feckit, they’ve all blended into each other now. Anyway, it was the morning of [I]an[/I] All Ireland final. He narrated a lovely documenary on RTE on canal waterways. It was a nice, soothing way to ease yourself into the day and, help settle the jangling nerves. Remember posting about it here. Great man to want to draw you into nature and, not run a mile from it, unlike those Bear Grylls type eegits.


Very true - had voice that sounded like he’d smoked Gauloise and Players untipped since he was a kid , he never pushed the green agenda hard , just invited you to listen and tell a story . Will be missed for sure .


A cool guy, and program. Great work