RIP Thread


Oh that’s wonderful.


Twisted f**k going around them mosques live streaming that massacre in New Zealand


To the families and of those youngsters who passed away. Every parents worst nightmare.


Shocking stuff altogether.

Rip to poor kids


Another tragic story


It’s tragic listening to the accounts of kids who survived the crush.

Kids lying on top of kids who had kids beneath them. Didn’t stand a chance.

We were at the school service today. 2 of the 3 kids went to the same school as ours.

I didn’t want to go, but my wife is religious and wanted to say a prayer and asked me to go with her.

Awful walking past teaching staff, parents but more so the kids that were in the same class. Some of whom were at the disco.

You forget how young you are at that age until you walk past them. Seeing young lads trying to hold it together.

Sometimes there’s no making sense of things. RIP.


Crazy to think he was only 31 when he died.


Also Paul Scofield on this day 2008. Great actor, great career. If you’re looking for something classic Christmassy or wintery to watch later this year, BBC’s adaptation of Dicken’s Martin Chuzzelwit is great, and still as relevant today in many of its subjects. Wonderful cast too.


Jim Stynes, 7 years ago today. Up fielding high balls in the heavens.


7 years Jesus where has the time gone. RIP


Would recommend his book to anyone who hasnt read it, brilliant read.


Fraser Robertson from Sky Sports. Reported on the Irish internationals.


If anyone here had a pint in the International bar in Wicklow Street they’d remember the bar man who died recently, John Francis Smith. Anytime I went in he served me , a really nice gentleman. RIP.


Does he appear in this Video?

EDIT: Apols, I think I got the wrong bar.


It’s the right bar but he’s not the guy behind the bar in the video.


Scott Walker RIP

Some of his more experimental stuff was difficult to get into, but it was the likes of these that got me into him:

And here’s a great interview with Jarvis Cocker:


Ah man. Fantastic, inspirational talent and songs. Will live long, long after him. All the best and thanks to The Voice.



Ah bollocks, an absolute hero of mine, gutted.




2019 is shaping up to be a ■■■■ of a year…