RIP Thread


I m full of facts each one as useless as the next one !!



M & W re-run on Gold a few days ago had the sketch where they were the handy men on the set for Shirley Bassey, as she belted out a choon. Naturally, the set fell down around her as she sang. An absolute howl ! :rofl:


But even though you’re aware of that there’s still a great sense of achievement when you lash out a completely useless piece of information :grin: :sunglasses:


Prodigy frontman Keith Flint


Himself and Leroys dance moves where great, many a blanch boy back in the day failed miserably to emulate them. We just couldn’t do it. RIP Keith.




Was only listening to them this morning, jesus, that’s young…


Absolutely gutted, I love him & the prodigy


Saw this on the twittersphere this morning
Keith Flint kept a swearbox above the fire in the pub he used to own (The Leather Bottle in Pleshey, Essex). Whenever he put the logs and kindling in and someone piped up with the obvious joke, he’d point to it and charge them a quid. RIP.



Keith Flint - Firestarter by name and reputation. RIP.


Actor Luke Perry died, 52, stroke.


Jaysus dropping like flies


Aaron Ramsey has some record


Busy this week alright WWE Wrestler King Kong Bundy RIP


Berlusconi should start to worry from about August onwards.


Eusabio Pedroza. The man Barry McGuigan beat from Panama, to win his world title, 1985 in Loftus road. A night etched in my mind as a youngling! Loved wee Barry, always thought Pedroza handled himself superbly after the defeat. A sporting legend.



Brilliant boxer.

Barry fought him when he was past his best.


The economics and ethics of boxing tell us so much. Pedroza would never have taken that fight in the UK were it not for two things - firstly he and his team were getting a huge pay day far above what he and they would have got for the fight anywhere else. And knowing his career was coming towards the end, the chance might not come again.

Secondly he was too honourable of a man, and perhaps the fight game at their division still having a bit of honour in those times of rapidly increasing greed and corruption, to not have taken the bout. People can say he had to but if he really had to it would have taken place wherever he had a better than decent chance of winning, which would have been well away from Ireland, or Irish America.


Which was still no mean feat.