RIP Thread


Raphael Kimmage, younger brother of Paul.


Jaysus sudden as well. Can’t have been that old




Oh Jesus. That’s shocking.


No fuckin way! Gutted. Devasted. ■■■■ that’s just killed me. Favourite writer singer off all time. Gutted.


That was his life.


I’ve been listening to Laughing Stock for the first time over the past few weeks (only just starting to fully appreciate it). It was the story of how it was made that got me interested. That and a 10 on Pitchfork. RIP


I’m annoyed myself. Great talent and lead of a great band, that I’ve said before, were hugely underrated. Gave me many many hours of listening pleasure, so personal thanks are due.

Rest In Peace.


Really sad news .One of my fav song of all time .RIP



The production, percussion and lyrics on this are exceptional:


Andy Anderson drummer from the Cure


Ah feck it, RIP Andy.


RIP. Among the greatest shows I ever saw.


The lads in the cover band all okay?


Yeah, for obvious reasons!


Andre Previn he might have been an Oscar winning composer and been married to Mia Farrow but here and in Britain he’ll be primarily remembered for probably one of the greatest ever Morecambe and Wise sketches


Ah, Mr. Preview.

It’s a remarkable thing, I doubt there are many modern composers or conductors that would enjoy the same level of public profile that he had back in the day.


His daughter played with In Tua Nua for a while.


Was going to post that… I see there’s another nerd as bad as me!