RIP Thread


You beat me to it! If those 4 lads were from the Mun, they would be doing 10 to 15 in the Joy.


Which bears out my point.

D4 types can and do get away with murder. Literally. No pun or sarcasm intended.


Probably because the barristers the lads from D4 could get were the best in the state! Nothing new there, and nor am I sure of the correlation to the stardust?

Please be aware, the stardust is an issue very close to my heart, before we go any further.


Knobbled by trumped up accusations of associating with a gangland criminal and
taken off the Shoot to Kill inquiry because he wasn’t going to play ball and conduct a whitewash. (Accusations which were conveniently dropped a few months later)


As I said, my ma taught in Bonnybrook and taught a number of the girls who died. I am sure your link is far closer. It was a cover up which I believe could not have succeeded in leafier suburbs as barristers would have seen to that.


Some people in the past have said that Political connections were the reason behind some of the decisions taken down the years in relation to Stardust.

The victims, their Families and relatives were treated appallingly. Others weren’t.



The RUC set fire to the investigating teams office INSIDE Castlereagh RUC base and played the Billy Joel song “We didn’t start the fire” on the jukebox in the canteen.


That was the first Stevens inquiry IIRC


The British are such dirty cnuts, I almost wish a no deal Brexit on them, to break the Tories.


Sooooo much corruption it is hard to remember.


The owner was mates with Haughey?? Connections don’t come better than that corrupt b*****d


Bruno Ganz

Played Hitler in Downfall


Really good actor, starred in many really good films


The sailor in this famous pic passed away. Rip dude.


Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld


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Are we not men?


So is Tom Ford & he is sex on a stick.


Was my Are We Not Men? We Are Devo! quip too subtle?