RIP Thread


Thoughts tonight of the 48 people who never came home… R.I.P.


Will never be forgotten


My ma taught some of those girls in Bonnybrook. She still remembers them. This was oh so wrong. Would not have happened in D4.


I’m a Coolock man , went to colaiste dhullaigh , I was about 14 at the time , I attended some of the funerals in st joesph the worker church , lad in my class lost two sisters , another class we shared another lad lost a sister , got to know for a while a lad who was the longest to spend time in hospital that actually survived ( not mentioning names deliberately) the shame , the guilt on the hands of the establishment is still there today in that community, no accountabilty , all that said this not the time for ranting , a time for remembering the kids taken from us and their families, never forgotten RIP


Three members of one family on Edenmore Crescent, almost opposite St Monica’s Church, lost their lives.


Thats absolute crap, it could have happened anywhere in Ireland, it was not a geographical disatater. It was the direct actions of a greedy ■■■■■■■ who had the fire escape doors locked. The foreman I served my time under lost three members of his family (his sisters kids) It is disgraceful whaty happened, but please do not try and say it was because it was located outside of D4. That is belittling the lives lost.


Sorry Bart but you completely misunderstood me. The fire could have happened anywhere. The cover-up would not have.


Of course it would. Coolock, Ballsbridge or Belmullet…this is still Ireland. Cover ups, denial & a complete lack of accountability are our speciality.


Apologies, I misread you. Disgusting the way the families have been treated.


The parents of kids in D4 would have more political power and more money to hire legal teams. Look at what happened in Berkely when the balcony fell. Totally different outcomes. QED.


Not in D4 - they would find someone accountable.


Disagree. A D4 business man or nightclub owner, who is from D4 & has roots in D4 communities (both personal & professional) would be much more likely to have the kind of connections that would make sure that nothing happens to him. Sure wouldn’t he be living next door to high ranking government ministers, judiciary big wigs, bankers & other fat cat business men who know every trick in the book to wiggle off all kinds of hooks. The cover up would be on an even bigger scale than anything going on in Coolock.


Have to agree with Iomaint here, what happened in Coolock would hardly have happened in some places because things wouldn’t have been allowed get to that stage. And the accountability issue would have been handled differently in some places also, it’s just a fact of different treatment and expectations, and how the legal profession operate, and the relationship of political parties to them,to business/money, and power.


Some places? What places? Here in Ireland?


In the early hours of 31 August 2000, Brian Murphy , an 18-year-old student, was attacked by a large group of young men outside the Club Anabel nightclub at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. He died shortly after the attack. The subsequent investigations drew great media interest, with the incident commonly referred to as the Club Anabel case .

Four men were charged with manslaughter and violent disorder regarding the death, which went to criminal trial in 2004: one was found not guilty on all charges; two were found guilty of violent disorder (although one of the two convictions was overturned on appeal); and one was found guilty of manslaughter and violent disorder, with the manslaughter conviction overturned on appeal in 2005. No other individuals were ever charged. A coroner’s court inquest returned a verdict of unlawful killing in 2007.


Places such as those already discussed/mentioned in the few posts before my post, I assumed the reference was obvious.


Fair? Just? Right?


Mountjoy is hardly packed to the gills with D4 types doing time for white collar crime, never mind criminal negligence or manslaughter.


Here’s 15,000 pounds for your TWO Daughters but that mans important building is worth THREE MILLION.


There’s a lot more to that sarcastic post though. More than meets the eye…

I agree with your sentiment mind you!