RIP Thread


Wife’s a genius at getting a joke wrong , tell her a corker, she comes home flustered “ they didn’t get it they didn’t get it in work “ so I’d say tell it to me at best she’d repeat 80% of the joke right , which allways had me in stitches :joy::joy::joy:


Albert Finney RIP


RIP Albert. Great scene.

PS was either this or Annie.


The king of Mailbag, Arthur Murphy RIP


Always thought Finney was Irish ,had to check .
Very interesting that he auditioned for Lawrence of Arabia, got the part ,then was told he’d have to sign a lifelong contract to the director ,and said no. Brilliant actor. RIP .


Gordon Banks - great goalkeeper and here is that save again -


I thought he was older than 81.
Smashing goalkeeper, nonetheless.


Someone did a series of interviews with him last summer (small s :grin:) for his 80th. One was about the World Cup and he was saying how FIFA flew them out for the draw but the FA never did anything for them. Any get togethers they had were organised by Geoff Hurst and they travelled off their own bat etc. But even these had stopped now because some lads had passed away and others had debilitating illnesses.



John Morrison: Mickey Moran’s right hand man:


RIP John


Great coach and man. Was way ahead of his time with his coaching methods and strategies. Had the privilege to meet him on a few occasions.

Was behind the infamous Dublin v Mayo 2006 battle of the hill.


Someone posted this on twitter earlier on…


Read a bit about Gordon Banks and players of that generation were really screwed over financially. Banks was a raffle ticket seller for a former club to try and get a few bob, a far cry from today.

Very sad to hear of John Morrisons passing, big strong man and as big a character RIP.


I wouldn’t have known the name, but just looking at the tributes from former players in particular, that’s a pretty good legacy to leave behind.


John Morrison did many a session as a favor in our club , wouldn’t say I knew him but enjoyed watching him work , players really took to him RIP


Yeh, if he had been 82, or heaven forbid, 97, he wouldn’t have been such a great goalie.


Very sorry to hear about John, who was a giant figure in our Club (Armagh Harps) across the seventies and eighties. John had a long career on the field of play, usually playing up front where he had a lethal left foot, and starred in our Intermediate Championship winning team of 1974 - a team that would subsequently lose out in a replay to Crossmaglen Rangers in the 1975 Senior Championship Final, having led the drawn game by six points with fifteen minutes to go. In later years he was converted into a defender and he played his last Championship match for us in May 1988, as full back - coincidentally my own Championship debut.

However he had his biggest influence as our Chairman in the second half of the seventies and into the eighties - a period when we built our Social Club and purchased the land that we subsequently redeveloped into our home ground at Abbey Park. A rich legacy indeed for future Harps’ generations.

Rest In Peace Beefer.


That save is one of my favourite sporting moments, ever. A sensational 20 seconds of football from Felix rolling the ball out to Carlos Alberto, who runs towards the half way line and hits an imperious sixty yard pass, with the outside of his right boot, that curls inside Terry Cooper and into the path of Jairzinho. His first touch is too hard and the ball hurtles towards the end line, bouncing on the hard surface. Jairzinho somehow reaches the ball and is able to put in a brilliant cross…and the rest is history. The reaction of the players (particularly Tostao) and the crowd behind the nets, give some sense of nature of the save. I always thought there was something wonderful about the images and the commentary of the football at that time - somehow very atmospheric.

Undoubtedly a great goalkeeper and the sense I got was of an absolute gentleman and all round decent human being. Rest In Peace.


Sorry to hear that, @Rufus_T_Firefly - you obviously knew him quite well.


You should be a sporting journalist. You probably know more about Brazilian football, GAA, Rugby than…
Ah, feck it. You know who I mean.